Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is an extremely popular roleplaying video game series by Squaresoft, now known as Square Enix. There are currently thirteen games in the main series; several spin-off series (namely the Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, Dissidia, and Chocobo series); a sequel to Final Fantasy X; a sequel to Final Fantasy XII; a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII; a phone/Wii sequel to Final Fantasy IV; a whole franchise dedicated to Final Fantasy VII; and various other games.

The vast majority of the Final Fantasy doujinshi I own is based off of Final Fantasy VI, my favorite video game of all time. Much of my FFVI doujinshi is gag, and most of it isn't that well done, but I take what I can get within reason. I'm also a huge fan of Locke Cole x Celes Chere. Unfortunately, I haven't found much doujinshi focusing on them, probably because FFVI is an older game.

I have some Final Fantasy V doujinshi. Although I do like the game, it's admittedly short on plot with not much character development. However, I absolutely adore Faris Scherwiz, and I have some nice ones of her with the Amano designs. I'm also a fan of Butz (Bartz) Klauser x Faris, though I don't have any idea why. There are a handful of Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi in my collection. I love Squall Leonhart and Laguna Loire x Raine. I'd like to get some more FFVIII doujinshi in the future, but it's not a priority. I also have a few Final Fantasy XIII doujinshi, all of it Hope and Lightning. I'm interested in getting more Hope x/& Lightning doujin since I adore their relationship, and I also like them romantically if Hope's an adult.

The rest of my collection: a few Final Fantasy X doujinshi, a couple of Final Fantasy IV doujinshi, quite a few Final Fantasy VII doujinshi (it's my least favorite game in the series after II, but I love Tifa), several Final Fantasy IX doujinshi (mostly Zidane x Garnet), some Final Fantasy Tactics doujinshi (Ramza Beoulve x Agrias Oaks), and some Dissidia: Final Fantasy dojin. I don't really want any more Final Fantasy X doujinshi, even though I love the game; the same goes for Final Fantasy IV. I don't like FFVII, so I'm really only interested in nicely done Cloud x Tifa dojin.

My favorite circles for Final Fantasy doujinshi are Alcoholic (FFVI), Jagirl (FFVII and FFVIII), Tenshin Monogatari (FFVII through FFX), and Frontier (FFVI through FFIX). The list below is horribly incomplete.

To Be Archived: My entire collection (around 60+ books).

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