This is the list of doujinshi that I'm interested in obtaining. I only have a few specific titles here, but there are several characters and pairings that I am obsessed with, and I'm always up for collecting more doujinshi by my favorite circles. If you're interested in selling, you can with prices, information, pictures, etc.

General Wishlist

Fire Emblem Awakening doujinshi: Chrom x Robin (Reflet) doujinshi

Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi: Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye doujinshi

Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) doujinshi: Any Mitsurugi Reiji x Karuma Mei (Miles Edgeworth x Franziska von Karma) doujinshi

Final Fantasy VI doujinshi: Locke Cole x Celes Chere doujinshi and doujinshi focusing on Celes (no matter what the pairing)

Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns doujinshi: Hope x Lightning doujinshi with nice art. Romantic only if it's adult Hope; otherwise it should just be cute.

Legend of Zelda doujinshi: Link x Zelda or general doujinshi, especially for Skyward Sword

Sailor Moon doujinshi: Tenoh Haruka x Kaioh Michiru

Hellsing doujinshi: Arucard x Integra Hellsing doujinshi

Gundam Wing doujinshi: I'd prefer Zechs Merquise x Lucrezia Noin doujinshi, but seeing how that's virtually impossible to find, I'm not holding my breath. So, basically, Heero Yuy x Relena Peacecraft doujinshi or guys x girls dojin. If there's a lot of Noin, then I don't mind non-explicit boys love doujinshi.

Final Fantasy V doujinshi: Faris Scherwiz doujinshi

Specific Titles

Fullmetal Alchemist: "The Last Waltz" (anthology; various authors) (Roy x Riza)

Gundam Wing: "Long Long Distance" by Juurokuya Koubou (Zechs x Noin)

Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban): "H3 Happy Honey Hount" and "Isan + a" by Shutan Horogumi (Mitsurugi x Mei)

Sailor Moon: "World Submerge Stars" by multiple doujinshika (Haruka x Michiru)

Sailor Moon: Infinity artbook by Takeuchi Naoko

Specific Circles

Hellsing: I'm missing a lot of books by SOLID&ETC

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