Order: 01 The Undead

At the beginning of the episode, Arucard is called in to take care of a vampire. Once Arucard has disposed of it, he reports his mission's success to someone in a car; although not shown, that someone is presumably Integra.

In a private meeting with the London Police Chief Detective and Special Forces D11 top official, Integra makes her first appearance. The two men inform her of a problem in the village of Cheddar. Cheddar's new priest is a vampire; when the villagers and the local police went to arrest him, they were killed. The London Police Authority sent in an elite D11 squad to handle the situation, but half the squad was wiped out by the dead villagers and police. Integra, smoking a cigar, calmly tells them that the victims, who have had their blood drained solely for food, are no longer human; they are now ghouls.

Coolly, Integra says that she has no right to inquire about the chief detective's fault in handling Cheddar. The chief detective, looking guilty but miffed, repeats, "Fault?" Integral, standing up and going to the window, continues that the chief detective should have known that the only way to handle the vampire was to use "it" (Hellsing Organization). The police department's 'forgetfulness' or its desire to handle the vampire on its own led to the present situation.

Annoyed, the chief detective protests that they didn't forget about the Royal Protestant Knights or Hellsing Organization. Integra ignores this and instead comments that night is setting. The chief detective says, "Well, Sir Integral Hellsing?" Integra, without turning around, says that Hellsing Organization is already in Cheddar. The captain asks her how many units she has sent in. Integra smiles and laughs, answering, "One."

After the meeting, Integra is flown via helicopter from London to Cheddar. Through a headphone, she tells the chief detective that the one whom she has dispatched (Arucard) is best suited for the situation; she tells him not to worry and that she will handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Arucard takes care of the vampire priest by shooting through Seras Victoria, the only surviving member of the D11 squad. He then drinks her blood.

Hellsing's troops are at the site, and Integra stands aside, silently waiting for Arucard to return. She holds a cigar in her hand and watches the road. Upon seeing him, a very small, satisfied smile crosses her face and quickly fades as he approaches her. Arucard reports that the mission has been completed. Coolly, Integra replies that he took too long on a single target. Her gaze falls to Seras, who is wrapped in blankets in Arucard's arms and looks very dazed. Integra says that an ambulance should be called and starts to walk away.

Arucard's contradiction stops her in her tracks. He says that he would like the female police officer to be transferred to Hellsing Organization. Integra looks over her shoulder, seemingly annoyed and surprised. Seras nods at her, but Integra's expression only becomes more severe. In an aggravated voice, she tells Arucard not to do selfish things. Arucard, unfazed, responds that it was the policewoman who made this decision. Integra walks away and loudly snaps that Hellsing will withdraw. She then leaves in the helicopter.