Order: 02 Club M

Integra has sent Walter to take care of Seras. On the evening that Seras moves into Hellsing, two of the Queen's men are shown exiting the mansion. They bow politely in Seras' direction, and Seras, confused, nods her head back at them. From the second floor above her, Integra, her tone severe, tells Seras not to go around sucking people's blood without thinking. Seras angrily replies that she would never do such a thing, but it's obvious she still doesn't understand how becoming a vampire has changed her. Integra doesn't reply and walks away.

In her office, Integra lights a cigar as Arucard appears through the wall. Integra, in a slightly sardonic voice, comments on Arucard's unusual hobby of turning his female friends into vampires. Arucard seems annoyed at her wording but merely says that the policewoman chose to become a vampire of her own will. Integra tells him coldly to train Seras properly.

She then turns her attention to the latest mission, which involves a series of murders. Several vampires, heading north, have been killing families, draining their blood, and writing bloody messages against God on the walls. Arucard says that worthless vampires are spreading. Integra replies that comments like that aren't part of his duty. He smiles and passes through the wall. Integra stares at where he left, then breaks off her cigar.

Later, Seras and a Hellsing squad are sent out to stop the vampires (Leif and Jessica). Meanwhile, Integra is in the firing range. She shoots a target four times, each bullet hitting the heart perfectly in the same spot. She removes her earmuffs, and Walter informs her that the highway the vampires are on has been closed; he states that the mission will be completed within 120 minutes of its start. Integra comments that the vampires are so low that they don't even know what they've become; her blue eyes narrow, and she says that things like this never happened before. Walter smiles and agrees.

Integra, with her eyes closed, asks him if he wants to be on active duty again. Without hesitation, Walter firmly answers no; her eyes open but she remains impassive. Walter says that protecting Integra-sama is an important, unexchangeable duty. Integra doesn't reply, but from her slight change in expression, she seems vaguely reassured or satisfied with his response. She turns and leaves.

As expected, Hellsing Organization takes care of the vampires. Arucard kills Leif, and Seras, upon making her first kill (Jessica), officially becomes a part of the organization.