Order: 03 Sword Dancer

Integra and the London Police's chief detective watch an autopsy of a dead vampire. The chief comments that the autopsy of the young man, a public school student from an Italian aristocratic family, will probably remain secret. Integra, smoking a cigar, replies that the boy was educated improperly at home; one must not become a vampire that sucks human's blood since, after all, one is an aristocrat. For some reason, she finds this observation amusing and laughs.

The doctors make a slit in the corpse's throat and pull out a strange chip with many long, thin wires. One of the doctors cleans it in a dish and announces that it has stopped functioning. Frowning, Integra says that this, the chip, is the more troublesome aspect of the situation. The chief detective says that the number of vampires has increased dramatically this year, as if due to some unknown force's agenda. Integra replies that the Royal Protestant Knights's sole duty is to "search and destroy." She turns away and tells the chief detective to find out who came into contact with the boy; he answers that they're already investigating the matter. As she leaves, he smirks.

By law, the body is supposed to be cremated, but since the boy was a foreign aristocrat, it is to be picked up by Rome. The doctor reassures the other doctor that the body is harmless now that the chip has been removed.

Back at the Hellsing mansion, Integra sits in her office and gazes at the portrait of her deceased father. On the desk in front of her is the chip in a petri dish. Arucard enters. Without looking at him, Integra says, "Vampires giving birth to humans. What do you think of what this era has become, Arucard?" Arucard, with his usual smirk, says that no matter what era it is, there will always be "misfits" with twisted minds. Integra, poking at the chip, asks him if his pride as a true vampire requires him to say that. She, her smile indicating her attempt to bait him, comments if there's that much of a difference compared to what Hellsing has traditionally dealt with. Arucard's eyes narrow briefly, and he holds his hand over the petri dish; the chip responds to him and floats into the air. Integra looks startled at the reaction.

Arucard stands in front of the picture of the late Lord Hellsing. Integra, with her hands folded in front of her, says she understands that Arucard is completely different from the vampires they are now hunting. Arucard asks her if that's so, then why is she asking such questions. With some contempt, he says that humans just don't understand, and neither does the female police officer. Integra's eyes narrow.

The phone rings, and Integra answers it. She is informed that the Queen's two men have arrived. When Integra looks up, she is alone. Meanwhile, the Italian vampire has come back to life and searches for his lover; he is in the hospital shooting and killing everyone. After the meeting, Integra is again alone in her office. Furious, she slams her hand down on the file of Father Alexander Anderson, a priest from Iscariot, the 13th Division of the Pope's Special Task Force. Before she can fully vent, the phone rings.

Integra and Walter are outside of Hellsing. Walter tells Integra that the basement of the hospital has been sealed off, but all of the dead police officers will soon become ghouls. Integra is furious and says that even if the chip has been removed, the person won't become human again. They are met by Fargason, who salutes and reports his readiness to begin the mission. Integra says, "May God and the Queen's blessing be with you. Amen." He echoes, "Amen." Integra watches Seras enter the van, then tells Walter to send Arucard, too. Walter says that there should only be one vampire, and Integra angrily snaps that she doesn't repeat herself. Walter bows and leaves. To herself, Integra mutters that England is a Protestant nation, and she can't allow the Vatican to have free reign.

Later, after the vampire has been killed and the fight between Arucard and Anderson has come to a stalemate, Integra appears. Anderson tells her that no one can stand in the way of God's will, and when Integra says that his mission has been accomplished with the destruction of the Italian vampire's body, he replies that killing vampires is always his mission. She throws him an order from an archbishop, saying that it should tell him to return home. After reading it, Anderson smiles and walks past her; as he leaves, he says, "We will meet again, Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing." Although she doesn't turn around, Integra's expression is annoyed and disgusted.

After Anderson has gone, Integra tears down his 'post-it notes.' In her usual critical tone, she coldly tells Arucard that Hellsing has no use for vampires who can't win over regenerators. Arucard makes a pissed sound but doesn't reply. Integra then pointedly tells Seras that vampires who can't protect themselves are also useless. Seras apologizes. Integra then turns and walks away. As she exits the hospital, she sees Anderson get into a car; she lights her cigar and watches.