Order: 04 Innocent as a Human

Fargason informs Integra that a new captain from the SAS (Special Air Service) has been hired. He's apparently quite good (although slimey and creepy as hell). She gives Fargason the usual God/Queen blessing, and he leaves for the latest mission.

Integra goes to Walter, who is sitting in front of the computer. He shows her a snuff movie that has been circulating on the Internet; she makes a comment about the ease of acquiring things via the online underground. Walter agrees but tells her that this film isn't ordinary; a brief scene shows the insignia of Hellsing Organization. Integra stares, then asks when it was shot. Walter says that the clip is 3 minutes long, and although it has no identifable location, it probably occurred during an incident three weeks ago. Integra asks how many people have seen it, but Walter points out that due to the nature of the Internet, it's impossible to know, but it was released two days ago for 24 hours. He adds that several tabloids and news teams have acquired the video, but Hellsing's press team will handle the situation. Integra, pissed, says that the Royal Protestant Knights can't be revealed to the public.

Hellsing's troops have arrived at its location. Integra gets off the phone with them. Arucard appears and says that only humans would enjoy watching their own kind be killed. He has, however, come to see Walter about getting a new gun. Walter says he understands. As Arucard leaves, Integra calls his name. Arucard says that he knows two worlds, this one and the one beyond humans. Integra says that there are no other worlds. Arucard only smiles, touches his hat, and says in English, "Good evening, Miss Hellsing."

Somehow the media has gained information about the Hellsing's latest raid in Camden Town. Fargason is notified of this development; apparently, someone inside the building is taping the events and transmitting the video via the Internet. Kim, the dark-skinned blonde from the beginning of Order: 02 is a TV reporter; she is broadcasting the footage on the air and says that a special agency, possibly a government one, is attacking citizens. Integra, driving towards the site, is quite angry at the situation. Suddenly, she realizes something about "misinformation." Kim, meanwhile, says that the citizens under attack are vampires, although there is no proof of this. She is, however, cut off before she can continue.

Integra arrives at the site and tells Fargason that this isn't looking good. Fargason apologizes and says that they have almost caught the "rat." Seras finds the man, and he's arrested. However, after the man has been interrogated, Walter tells Integra that there's no conclusive evidence that he worked for any organization; furthermore, there are others like him who have the same motivations and skills to do similar things.

Seras does some investigating on her own and realizes that the new captain is a traitor; he has been leaking news about Hellsing to Kim. She and the captain watch the production of another snuff video, this one with a vampire. However, Arucard arrives and kills the monster. He then confronts the humans, not wavering while they plead for him not to shoot. Seras, however, tells Arucard that the traitors should be tried as humans, even though she really wants to shoot them. Fargason and Integra arrive, and Fargason takes the captain away.

Kim tries to deny any wrong doing to Integra, claiming that just watching a murder isn't a crime. After all, she didn't produce the video, and she has an obligation to report to the public what she sees. When asked about the reporter's fate, Integra says that the woman should be tried for her crimes. Kim is relieved by this decision. But then, in one of her most ruthless moments, Integra adds, "But her crimes aren't punishable by law." Arucard, satisfied, asks if he can do what he wants with the reporter. Integra allows Arucard to suck Kim's blood; she watches the scene with a cold expression on her face, then leaves.