Order: 05 Brotherhood

After learning that a MI5 agent was killed on a mission while investigating the artificial vampires (Freaks), Integra tells Walter that someone has announced their attention to go against Great Britian. Walter says that means a Round Table conference will be held soon, and Integra agrees.

Later, Hellsing troops are sent to deal with a recent attack instigated by Luke and Jan Valentine. Inside the mansion, Arucard, hanging upsidedown from the ceiling, asks Integra if he should go. Without turning around, Integra replies that the human troops should do what they can. Arucard says that humans constrain themselves by their own wills, then adds that he just wanted to try the new gun Walter got him. Integra, with one of her arrogant, not-really smiles, says that the new Freaks they are fighting now are different from before; they have human characteristics that Arucard cannot understand. Arucard, however, is pleased that they may perhaps alieviate his boredom. Integra just smiles.

The attack, however, is a trap. Fortunately, Seras realizes this in time and manages to get everyone out of the building before the hidden bomb explodes. Fargason notifies Integra of the situation and apologizes; Integra, though, is angry at the 'second-rate monsters' for underestimating Hellsing.

The next evening, the members of the Round Table arrive at Hellsing mansion. Integra is in her office, gazing at her father's painting, when she is told of their arrival. The Knights are already seated when she enters the meeting room. She comments that the Knights of this age no longer carry swords; the apparent leader of the group says that modern knights have weapons other than swords. Integra sits at the end of the table nearest the door.

The lead Knight says that according to Integra's latest report, the recent wave of vampires are artificial and have had Freak chips implanted in them. Integra replies that according to their order, Hellsing's duty is to take care of the undead, including vampires, but the mechanics and circulation of the Freak chip are not its concern. She looks at one of the other Knights; he looks away and says uncomfortably that they are investigating the matter. Integra coolly adds that the MI5 agent sent out shouldn't have been killed, especially with the flag of Great Britian through his chest. The lead Knight tells her, however, that the Knights of the Round Table serve the Queen by sharing their powers; Integra answers that she is aware of this.

Another Knight says that part of the problem is that Hellsing's activities have become more visible. Although the undead have always existed, the Round Table has consistently kept the public unaware of this fact; until recently, they could accomplish this by having complete control over the undead. According to the Knight, Hellsing's recent obvious activities are tarnishing the organization's history. Integral, unmoved, answers that the enemy has firearms, and there is nothing Hellsing can do about that. She adds that intelligence is his department. He says that there is a limit to the amount of mass-media regulation they can do. Integra wonders, then, if the powers of the Round Table have deteriotated that much. Angry, the Knight tells her that her remarks are inappropriate and that her father never spoke in such a way. Integra smiles and says, "My father... is my father."

It's then that Luke and Jan Valentine attack the Hellsing mansion. They break in with armed ghouls and start destroying everything, blowing things up, and fighting Hellsing's troops. From the third floor, the Knights hear the explosions and are worried. Integra learns that ghouls are attacking and goes into shock. She apparently can't believe that the enemy has attacked Hellsing itself, and she's so outraged that doesn't hear the other Knights repeatedly call her name. Integra then speaks to Fargason via radio, but their contact is effectively cut off by Jan. Integra, after calling his name several times, hears a gun shot and, assuming the worst, screams.