Order: 06 Dead Zone

After hearing the shot fired by Jan, the Knights of the Round Table ask Integra what is happening. She evasively tells them they are under attack by unknown forces and that Hellsing's troops are currently fighting the invaders. Then Jan speaks into the radio. After greeting the members of the Round Table, calling Integra some obscene names, and introducing himself, Jan tells them that he and his ghouls are devouring Hellsing's troops; Integra is horrified and angered. Jan announces his intention to kill them all, so they should urinate, pray, beg, and jerk-off while waiting for him to arrive.

The Round Table members demand to know about Integra's escape route. Although she looks stressed, Integra calmly says that there is an emergency helicopter. Some of the Knights want to leave immediately, but Integra points out that the room is protected by thick lead; however, should they leave, she can't protect eleven people from the ghouls by herself. She says that Fargason must have alerted the authorities, so there will be an investigation sent after them. An explosion outside attracts their attention. Integra goes the window and comments evenly that the helicopter has been destroyed; the enemy has come prepared. The Knights aren't happy with her blase attitude.

Meanwhile, the first and second floors have been seized by the Valentines' ghouls. The few survivors are gathered in the basement. Arucard is waiting for Luke, so Walter and Seras go to the third floor to save Integra. After ruminating about the inequalities of the British class system, Jan decides that he won't kill Integra like an average human; instead, he conceives the lovely idea of raping her several times, too. With the ghouls, he heads towards the third floor.

The Knights, now extremely stressed and panicked, put more pressure on Integra to save them. Integra doesn't seem to be handling their demands well, but she says that Hellsing hasn't used its ace yet. The lead Knight demands to know why she's holding out on calling Hellsing's "domesticated" vampire. Integra says that what Hellsing is going through now hardly compares to what her ancestor faced a century ago; she then goes on a rant about how the scum attacking them will definitely burn in the firey pits of hell. The other Knights apparently think she's lost it (and, let's face it, she probably has).

After some fun with the Shinigami and the policewoman versus Jan and his ghouls, the transformation of Hellsing's dead into ghouls, and Arucard's fight with the overly arrogant Luke, a one-armed Jan finally makes it to "Hellsing-chan"s room. When he blows open the door, Integra is sitting calmly in her chair holding a gun. Jan greets the "bitch," and she replies by firing six bullets into his head. He's only slightly stunned, so he laughs as she calmly walks towards him. He holds up his own weapon, then realizes that the bullets in his forehead are incendiary quick-silver. Integra orders him to give her his master's name; she won't forgive him until he does. Jan laughs again and snaps his fingers; his body lights on fire, and he continues laughing hysterically until he's nothing but ashes. Integra only watches.