Order: 07 Duel

The surviving members of Hellsing attend the funeral held for the men who died during the Valentine brothers' raid. Although it is raining and she has no umbrella, Integra remains in the graveyard after everyone else has left. (Her mourning hat is cool.) She remembers that the leader Round Table Knight told her that since she was the commander of Hellsing, she was responsible for everything; he handed her a gun. Although clearly upset, she accepted the weapon without question. She then shot all the ghouls, who were formerly her own men, in the head. Now, as she stands in front of their graves, she says that she won't ask them for forgiveness. The scene then switches to when she killed the ghouls, and with tears running down her face, she said, "It's all my fault."

In a badly damaged Hellsing mansion, Walter informs Integra that out of 192 Hellsing soldiers, only 57 survived. Integra does not comment. Walter goes on to say that 24 of the 57 survivors were injured, and the rest were fine because they were not in Hellsing during the attack. Integra flatly states that Arucard and Seras were not included in the count; Walter, somewhat wryly, says that is because they are already dead. Integra gives him a look, then asks him about Fargason. Walter says that although Fargason needs 3 weeks to fully recover, the captain will return in two days.

Later, Integra is in the shooting gallery. She recalls the images of Luke and particularly of Jan from her meeting earlier with Walter; Walter says that the invesigation unit is looking into who the brothers worked for. They are seeking cooperation from the MI5. Integra tells him not to skip over any detail, no matter how small. This is revenge and she will pay back the enemy; she mercilessly shoots her paper target into shreds.

Hellsing is being rebuilt, but Integra continues to work as normal. In her mail pile, she notices a letter (which says "Not a Bomb" on it) with the Iscariot Division seal. The letter, which is quite sappy and trite, invites Integra to the military art museum. Integra angrily stabs the envelope seal (as if it were a knife) with her letter opener.

When Enrico Maxwell of Iscariot enters the museum, Integra is already there, gazing at a war painting. He apologizes for making her wait and holds out his hand to her. She pointedly ignores him until he's sweating and angry, but he only straightens and says that he seems to be disliked. Integra, still without looking at him, states his name and rank and demands to know what he wants. In a very oily manner, Maxwell says that he only came to pay his respects to Hellsing's 135 killed and 24 wounded men. At this, Integra turns angrily, and he continues that he heard Hellsing was almost wiped out by ghouls. He then presents her with a bouquet of yellow roses. She furiously knocks them aside and tells him she won't let him forget how he overstepped his jurisdiction by sending Anderson in (in episode 3), who attacked her vampires and killed an agent. Integra says that she won't continue to play this game.

Maxwell drops all pretenses; he says that although they came to her humbly, she had to be uppity. He tells her to shut up and listen, then has his bodyguard show her a Freak chip. Freak chips and vampires have become more common in Rome; they discovered that most were from England. The failure to handle this situation is likely the result of a poor agency becoming even weaker, and in Iscariot's view, Hellsing and the vampires are the same. Maxwell says that the Vatican cares little about what Hellsing does, but should it stand in Iscariot's way, it will be exterminated. Maxwell asks the "female swine" if she understands what he has said.

Integra smirks, and Arucard appears several feet behind her. Maxwell visibly trembles at the sight. Arucard walks towards them, ripping on Catholicism, before stopping behind Integra. Maxwell says, in fear, "Nosferatu Arucard!" Arucard just smiles.

Meanwhile, Seras and Hellsing are having problems killing their current target. They manage to trap it in the subway underground and close in on it. Back at Hellsing, Walter then learns that Anderson is in the subway, too.

It's now raining outside. Inside the museum, Arucard pulls out his gun on Maxwell, telling him he won't leave alive after insulting Arucard's master. Maxwell looks terrified but starts to laugh. Just as Arucard is about to shoot, Integra receives a rather bizarre message over the intercom that says Captain Hook will capture Tiger Lily. Integra looks a little weirded out but understands, glaring at Maxwell; Maxwell tells "Wendy" that she should go. Integra's eyes narrow, and she storms away. (Maxwell continues the very weird Peter Pan analogy by saying that Captain Hook, who can kill all the faeries on his own, didn't just come to London just to kill Tiger Lily; he was waiting for Peter Pan, too. Arucard looks positively thrilled, saying that Peter Pan should of course fight. Maxwell looks extremely creeped out.)

After the super fun battle between Arucard and Anderson, with Arucard on the winning end, the scene returns to the art museum. Integra is in the cafe; Maxwell approaches her confidently until his bodyguard tells him that Anderson has been defeated. Integra drops money on the table and walks towards him. Just as she passes by, she stops and tells him that Hellsing bows to no one, that all obstacles in its path will be obliterated, and that if he wants to live, he better tuck tail and run home. She then calls him Vatican's "male swine" and smiles, walking away. Maxwell is very, very pissed off. Outside, Integra is smiling and comments that it stopped raining.