Order: 08 Kill House

Integra and Fargason oversee the training of new recruits for Hellsing. They stand on top of a wide training course; there is no ceiling, and below them, men with guns run through into different rooms shooting targets. Fargason tells Integra that there are 74 new trainees, and they've included foreigners in the program. Integra says she will leave it to him. She watches the trainees for a few more minutes before turning and walking away.

Outside, Walter waits for Integra in front of her car. He informs her that their foreign contacts found the Freak chip factory in Hong Kong, but when the Hong Kong SDU was sent in, they discovered that everything, including the evidence, had been destroyed. Integra says that all of their leads are disappearing.

Walter says that working with atheists was something they never have done before, but he guesses that they have no choice. Integra says that they were unable to find the British SAS agent, and they now need war potential. Walter nods. Integra adds that they also need those who will not become ghouls. Walter agrees again, and she gets into the car and leaves.

Later, one of the Round Table Knights reports on the Freak chips. He says that although they are still unsure of how the Freak chips work, they are certain that due to the small size of the chip, there is no magic involved. Their conclusion, then, is that perhaps humans possess the Freaks within them. The other Knights are surprised.

Integra interrupts and says that the investigation is heading in the wrong direction. She says that the role of the Round Table and Hellsing has always been to dispose of the undead and those who oppose the Queen. Even if created by humans, Freaks are still Freaks; the Round Table's enemy, fearing its discovery, destroyed the Freak chip factory and killed the chip designers. Integra smiles ferociously and says, "Our enemies are humans." Coolly, she says that the enemy will hide in rabbit holes if frightened; the Round Table's mission is thus simple - search and destroy.

Later that evening, Integra opens the door to her office. She is startled to see the Hellsing training course inside. Before she can understand what is happening, she suddenly finds herself bound and gagged to a pole in the center of the room. She struggles to break free; outside of the room, she hears an explosion. Next, the door to the course room is blown open, and some of the trainees enter with guns. Laughing and sneering, they aim their gun at Integra; her eyes widen in fear.

The walls of the rooms fall down, and red swirls whirl above her in the sky. She hears Arucard say, "Part two of the spell is released." Integral spits out the mouth gag and screams, "Arucard!" She falls to the grass. When she looks up, she sees the Hellsing seal in the sky. Arucard appears behind her, saying that he is cancelling the restriction of power. Integra whirls around in anger, demanding to know what is going on. He asks her how it feels to be made a target. She glares at him but doesn't answer. When he starts to laugh, she asks what is so funny.

Arucard, still grinning, says that until now, all the enemies he has fought were pathetic and weak. However, the new enemy is different. Startled, Integra turns to face him. Arucard says that this enemy, the one who has come from the continent, is the true enemy. Integra's eyes widen in shock, and she says, "The real undead." Arucard laughs and says that he is pleased - the new enemy will truly test his powers. Integra gasps and can only stare at him.