Order: 09 Red Rose Vertigo

Hellsing's troops invade a castle which apparently has Freaks in it. In her helicopter, Integra arrives at the castle. As she gets out, the true undead (the one Arucard has been waiting for) watches her. She senses something and looks up, but no one is there.

The Hellsing troops have only been inside for a short time, Seras getting a very different, weird vibe from the place, when they are suddenly told to withdraw. Outside, Fargason and Integra watch British SAS troops arrive in helicopters and armored vehicles. The SAS captain orders Hellsing to leave; Integra counters that purifying the castle is the duty of the Royal Protestant Knights. The captain says that the IRA supposedly stored weapons in the castle, and some members may still be hiding inside. Therefore, this is under the SAS's jurisdiction; the captain adds that even if those inside aren't human, it doesn't erase their crimes. He leaves. Integra says that she will prosecute the SAS at the JIC, then orders Hellsing to retreat.

Back at the mansion, Walter greets Integra and informs her that Laura-sama has been waiting for her. Integra, looking vaguely confused, says "Laura?" She looks up at the balcony. There stands an odd-looking woman with long blond hair that partially covers her face, blue eyes, a red bindi on her forehead, and a dark green dress. Integra stares at her for a while, then slowly murmurs, "Laura Indes..." Laura smiles and says that it's been a while. For several moments, Integra stares at her expressionlessly, then finally says, "Laura, my dear younger sister."

Integra sits at her desk opening envelopes with her knife-like letter opener. Laura sits to the side. Integra criticizes her sister for coming back so suddenly without any notice. Laura says that Avon's family is doing well. (Avon is probably Laura's husband.) She then asks Integra if Integra ever gets lonely being by herself. Integra suddenly gets a pain in her forehead, and she winces, pinching the bridge of her nose. She says that Walter should have prepared Laura's room by now, and since it's late, Laura should go to bed. Laura smiles slightly, thanks her older sister, and leaves. After she is gone, Integra stares at her reflection in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Seras is about to go to bed when she senses something weird above her. On the first floor, she sees nothing, although she recalls the dead body at the castle, and a black dog walks behind her unnoticed. Seras then sees Laura climbing the steps; almost automatically, she walks towards her, but Walter calls her. Walter tells Seras that Laura is Integra's younger sister; however, he is acting rather strangely, and he clutches his chest after she says that Integra and Laura look nothing alike. He apologizes and leaves, but Seras still thinks something weird is going on.

Meanwhile, at the castle, all the SAS troops have been wiped out. Inside, a naked young man lies in the tomb. Red rose petals fall from the ceiling onto him. The man, Paul, was one of the SAS agents sent to infiltrate the castle. A voice asks the man if he wants to live for forever; Paul isn't certain, but the voice asks him if he wants to live forever disabled or if he wants to become a "perfect being." Paul thinks of a woman, then says that he wants to live for eternity. He should have died, but God gave him this chance to live. Lots of Freak chips rise up from the water around him, then climb up his body and plunge themselves into him. He screams.

At Hellsing, Integra has fallen asleep at her desk. Memories of herself surface, followed by some really, really, really weird and disturbing images. Apparently, her subconscious is trying to tell her that something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Arucard confronts the true undead. He says that they're the same, both serving humans. He says it's pathetic and smiles when the other undead approaches him.

When Integra awakens, Laura is standing over her, embracing her. Integra pulls back in surprise. It's then that Seras senses again that something is wrong. Laura pushes Integra into the chair, then begins unfastening Integra's tie. Integra, apparently unable to move, asks what Laura is doing, but the other woman doesn't answer. Seras, during this, runs up the steps towards the second floor. Before she can reach the stairs, Walter stops her. Seras is worried about Integra, but Walter says that he won't let her interfere; he throws some of his metal wires at Seras' face, drawing blood.

As Laura starts to undo Integra's buttons, Integra suddenly realizes that she never had a younger sister, even though she already knew that deep down (as her weird dreams demonstrated). Laura opens the shirt to expose Integra's breasts, then leans over and bites Integra's right breast. Angrily, Integra calls Laura a female pig, then says, "How dare you do this to Hellsing!"

Back at the castle, the true undead stands in front of Arucard. He says, "Arucard." Arucard says, "And your name?" The undead says, "Incognito." Arucard says that that's good enough, and that they're two true undead fighting each other in their original forms. He wants them to enjoy this battle slowly.

Laura licks Integra's chest with her long tongue. Integra says that it's a joke to have a name like Laura. After some rather obscure deductions, Integra figures out that Laura's real name is Bubbancy; she recalls that her ancestors wiped out Bubbancy's friends. Laura looks up in cold fury; Integra only smiles and asks if she hit the mark. She concludes that Laura wants revenge against Hellsing. The vampire reaches for the letter opener on the desk. Integra continues to goad Laura until the undead stabs her with the letter opener.

Seras backs away from Walter, not wanting to fight him. She pleads with him to snap out of it, but he prepares to use his wires. Seras holds up her gun, but her hands are shaking.

Laura twists the letter opener around in Integra's chest; blood collects on the floor, and blood comes out of Integra's mouth. In an even voice, Laura says that her older sister has quite a dirty mouth.

Arucard asks Incognito if he carries a human weapon, which Incognito then pulls out - an ArmsCorps 40mm MGM. He shows off the bullets, too, which Arucard says are from the Dark Continent's sorcery. Arucard wants to begin the battle; however, the lines on Incognito's face glow once, and Incognito says, "You and I are different." Arucard starts: "What did you say?" Incognito says that Arucard no longer has a master to serve.

Integra manages to say, "A..ru..card..."

Arucard hears her. He yells, "What did you do?" to Incognito and pulls out his gun; Incognito fires at the same time.

Walter has wires around Seras' neck, and Seras puts up her gun to prevent the wires from choking her.

The shot causes Arucard's body to get into that weird, black, red-eyed mass, and he says that his next shot will fly into Incognito's flesh.

Laura licks Integral's blood off her fingers, telling her "older sister" that her blood is delicious. Integra says, "Are you mocking me?" The vampire replies that it's what they told her to do. She was ordered to not turn Integra into a ghoul so easily, but now it's about the right time. Laura removes Integra's glasses, then leans down to embrace her. She says that she'll gnaw Integra's neck, drink all of her blood, then mix in a little of her own into it, but not enough to turn Integra into a vampire. Instead, her "sister" will just end up being a mindless idiot. Integra tries to reach for the letter opener on the desk. Laura then bites Integra's neck.

Suddenly, the red Hellsing seal appears above them, and Laura pulls back in shock. At the same time, Walter is released from the mind control. Seras lies on the ground, gasping for breath and coughing. Aghast, Walter asks what he has been doing.

Laura turns to see Arucard standing some distance away from her. He says, "How dare you mock us, Bubbancy." She grins, revealing her previously hidden, deformed eye, then rushes towards him. As she jumps into the air, Seras and Walter arrive in time to see Arucard shoot a bullet into her forehead. Laura screams as her body turns to dust.

Seras then notices Integra, who, after pulling on jer jacket, has grabbed the letter opener. Integra stands and holds the knife against her neck. Frightened, Seras steps towards her, but Integra's shout for her to stay back stops her. Integra narrows her eyes in intense concentration, then suddenly stabs the letter opener into her neck. Walter and Seras are horrified, and as Integra's body collapses on the floor, Seras screams, "Integra-sama!" Integra says (or thinks), "To rid myself of this filthy blood..." as she lies in a pool of blood.