Integral Hellsing slowly stood up from the chair at her desk, her electric blue eyes half closed from the exhaustion and stress from finishing a rather large pile of paperwork, which she placed near the corner of her desk. She lifted her hand to the small cigar in her mouth, removing it and extinguishing it in a small ash tray at the corner of her desk before gazing down at her desk, a bit messy from bit of paper scattered here and there. Lifting her gaze, she noticed a strange yet small shadow at the corner of her office. She narrowed her eyes and walked in front of the desk, the smallest of smiles playing her lips and spoke out in a soft voice.

"Is that you, Alucard?"

A crimson eye opened in the shadow and looked at her, blinking boredly.

Integral crossed her arms, looking at the eye and said a bit louder "Show yourself, Alucard."

Suddenly, a gloved hand covered her mouth and she felt the weight of someone's chin placed on top of her head. The snicker was heard and the eye disappeared, along with the shadow. Integral's body stiffened and she tilted her head under the weight and looked up, only to see a darkened face under a shadow of a large hat, only a grin, showing off large white fangs, and yellowed reflection of glasses looking down at her. Alucard. A small smile played behind the white-gloved hand but Integral narrowed her eyes as though angry and placed a hand on his. With a smirk of Alucard's, his hand faded into nothing and the weight of his chin was lifted. Integral turned around only to see nothing. Slowly she backed to behind her desk, in front of her chair. She gritted her teeth a bit.

"Alucard." Integral said firmly into the silence.

"Yes, my master?" Alucard reappeared, bowing on one knee, in front of her desk, looking at her from behind his yellow tinted glasses, which gleamed mockingly at her.

Integral placed both her hands on her desk, leaning forward to look at him with narrowed blue eyes, yet a small, barely noticeable smirk open her lips. "Why did you trick, Alucard?"

"But master," He stood up, looking at her still with a sly smirk. "I didn't trick you." He leaned forward and ever so gently pulled her glasses off her face, leaving her almost blind. He takes off his glasses and replaces it with Integral's.

Integral pulled back in slight surprise and crossed her arms. "Then why did you create that shadow and sneak behind me? Hm?"

"Because I always pick on you, Integral." He grins, knowing how she's blind without her glasses. He takes off his own glasses and places Integral's on.

Integral grits her teeth, realizing now she only sees distorted, blurry shapes but keeps her eyes on his blurry shape, muttering, "And I always wonder why..."

Alucard grinned and chuckled, seeing her grit her teeth helplessly. "I have your glasses now...poor, poor Integral." He reaches forward and takes her chin into his large hand gently.

Integral narrows her blue eyes dangerously, drawing back from his touch. "Do not mock me."

"But that's what I do best, Integra..." He slowly pets her cheek, caressing it almost and still grinning. He then slowly takes the glasses of his face and calmly gives them back to her as always as well as putting his own glasses on.

Integral shudders involuntarily from his touch but none the less reaches forward, taking her glasses. For a moment, their fingers touch until she draws them back and puts her glasses back on, slightly glaring at him.

Alucard smiles at her, his crimson eyes relaxing as he gazes at her body until he leans forward, his head low, and grins up at her. "By the way...good evening, Miss Integral Wingates Hellsing." He sounded each word out perfectly, his voice seeming echoing off the walls of the room the slowly finishing.

Her narrowed eyes softening, though annoyed and feeling mocked again. "Good evening, Alucard."

He grins again, taking off his glasses again, as well as his hat and place them on her desk, still leaning and looking up at her. " is everything with Hellsing today...hmm?"

Integral tilts her head a bit higher, her electric blue eyes looking down at him. "Everything is fine today, Alucard." Her uncrosses her arms and places her hand at the edge of her desk.

Alucard nods and stands again, turning his head to look at the picture of Integral's father, Abraham Van Hellsing. "That's good..."

Integral nodded in agreement, turning her head to look at the same picture then turning her head towards him, a small smile on her lips.

Alucard blinks and once more looks at his master. "Is something wrong...?"

She turns her gaze to the desk below her so he can't see her smile. "No..."

Alucard kept his gaze on her, not believing her. "What is it, Integral...?"

Integral just shook her head. "Truly...nothing's wrong...just thinking." She then turns her gaze up at him, smiling coolly, closing her eyes for a moment.

He just grinned and started to walk towards the wall.

Integral followed him with her blue eyes and asked, "Going somewhere...?"

Alucard smirked and turned towards her. "I'm just going out...if you need me, you know what to do." With that, he waved and fell through the wall, ripples emerging along the wall from where he fell and steadies itself back to normal.

Integral sighed and walked from behind her desk to the painting of her father and slowly whispers "Alucard" into the dead silence.

"Come back..." She said louder, looking to the wall Alucard fell through earlier. Unbeknownst to Integral, Alucard watched her intently from the office window out the Hellsing Institute.

"Please...Alucard..." Upon saying that, Alucard's gloved hand was felt, moving Integral's blond hair away from the back of her neck and slowly caresses her neck expertly, as Alucard did this before while Integral was fast asleep. Integral smiles, leaning back into the caress and closes her eyes.

Slowly, Alucard comes up behind her, wrapping a long arm around her slender waist. Integral leaned back a bit more into the embrace, tilting her head and letting her blond bangs fall over her electric blue eyes. Alucard smiled and began kissing the back of her neck, making Integral shudder and her smile widens, letting one arm fall to her side while the other rest on his arm.

He whispered in her ear, his voice smooth and almost seductive, asking, "So have you made up your mind yet...about...changing...?"

Integral remained silent for a moment before saying softly, "Yes..."

"Well...what do you dear master...?" He licked the edge of her ear, slowly and tempting, making her shudder.

"I...choose to change, Alucard..." She said, her voice a bit unsure.

Alucard grinned evilly, pulling back a bit from her ear and moves her hair away again, kissing down her neck as Integral tilts her head a bit more, her mouth slightly opened as soundless moans escape her lips. Still grinning evilly, he kissed the left side of her neck in a certain place, licking the tender flesh gently, making her moans fill with a soft sound of pleasure. Suddenly, Alucard picks her up and starts walking to the door of the room. Integral's body stiffens but relaxes after a moment, leaning against him.

"Where are we going, Alucard...?" she asked timidly, a bit drunk on the small pleasure from before.

"To your room..." He pushed open the office door, walking down the hall.

"Oh..." she placed a hand on his chest, smiling.

Upon them reaching her room, Alucard set her on the bed as he turned around and looked around a moment and closed the door. Integral laid there, her back to him for a minute and then turned to him, only to see him without his trench coat on and shirtless. His glasses and hat were left in Integral's office.

Integral stared at him, a bit drunk on the sight for his strong build. He moved swiftly to her laying figure and kissed her soft lips. She kissed back as they both engaged in a small dance of their tongues, moaning at the feeling, their eyes closed. Alucard pulled off her suit's coat and tie, along with her cross, and slowly began to unbutton her blouse to the point where her bra was visible through the opening of her shirt.

Integral reluctantly broke the kiss and Alucard climbed on top of her, laying her down and placed his lips on her neck. Integral closed her eyes, preparing herself for the pain and felt it, a sharp sting as Alucard's fangs penetrated the soft skin of her neck. She yelped softly in pain and Alucard pulled her close, pressing her face against his neck slightly before pulling away and lifting a finger to his neck, slitting the skin with his nail then returns his mouth to her seeping blood, licking at it gently and savoring the taste. Integral experimentally licked the blood, actually finding it satisfying and began to suck gently on the wound as Alucard licked her blood. Slowly, Integral felt her own fangs and slowly bite into his neck, drinking more of Alucard's blood. Soon, Alucard pulled away and so did Integral, both wounds slowly ceasing to a close.

"Now we both belong to each other..." Alucard whispered softly. Integral smiled and closed her eyes, tucking her head under Alucard's chin. Alucard smiled and closed his own eyes. Both falling to sleep as the sun slowly rose beyond the Hellsing Institute.

~*~ The End ~*~