Twilight to Dawn
By Sara
"Master." With a crystalline shriek the delicate wineglass shivered to pieces in Alucard's grip. The falling shards seized the cold moonlight and scattered it haphazardly across the single chamber as the blood-red wine from the shattered glass ran down Alucard's hand to his arm in long rivulets. "Order," he whispered, his low voice igniting thrills that crackled up and down Integral's back. She lifted her head and gave him the barest of smiles. Any other person would have seen nothing discernable in the soft curve of her mouth, but Alucard knew her heart like no other. The invitation was clear and bright in her smoldering eyes. Alucard knelt before her slowly, with reverence. He leaned his head forward and lingered a moment, barely brushing Integral's parted lips.
    He knew that the moment he kissed her would bind himself inexorably to this slender girl whose soul had been wrought from the cold steel of her lost innocence. The heavy responsibility that had been cast at her early in life had stiffened the lines of the girlish mouth that now panted slightly before his own. His eyes shifted to the window and took in the darkness, his freedom whispering for him through the straining glass. There was still time for him, the moonlight still reached out for him longingly, barely licking at the edge of his overcoat as he knelt in front of his master. After a final, searing look at all he was renouncing for eternity, he captured Integral's waiting mouth and willingly exchanged his dearest wish for the matrimony of her hungry kiss. Integral's strong fingers wound convulsively into Alucard's dark hair, tightening painfully as she drew his bottom lip into her mouth. She did not realize that her teeth had sunk into the sensitive flesh until sudden warmth spread across her tongue.
    "I bit you," she observed calmly after she had drawn her head back to examine the slight wound. Alucard smirked in approval, leaning closer to her and allowing his bloodstained mouth to caress hers temptingly. Integral resisted the bait instinctively for a moment, but then gave in suddenly and gratefully to the dull ache in her chest. As she licked the warm, bitter fluid from his lips, she was caught in an abrupt, giddy rush. The world transformed before her glistening eyes, and she was no longer the last heir to Hellsing Institute, Alucard was no longer a friendly enemy or a dangerous ally. The isolation and sorrow that had marked her young life evaporated in the heat of her lover's embrace like fragile water droplets before a roaring furnace. Integral closed her eyes as a contented drowsiness spread over her body like a blanket. The world faded into insignificant background as Alucard filled her senses with his lazy sensuality. His lips at her neck, his voice murmuring her name huskily, his pale skin gleaming like silver in the wanton starlight. Integral was barely aware of her hands as they roamed his face and back caressingly; she had blissfully forgotten herself and the cruel, harsh world with its rule of blood and death. It was as if the universe itself had faded into the blackness and only they were left, two mismatched lovers flung together by a perverse whim of fate, clinging and caressing and breathing as they explored their new bond like two children wandering a lately discovered path. For the first time in years, Integral felt like a child again, carefree and dizzy with unrestrained happiness. It bubbled up inside of her and she nearly laughed outright with delight.
    Exhaustion finally lulled her senses to a drowsy, passive sensuality as she wound her slim arms around his neck, pressing herself closer to the warmth of his body. As she slipped gently into a peaceful slumber, it seemed to her that she still occasionally felt Alucard's heated lips against her smooth, cool skin in soft, affectionate brushes. She awoke only a few hours later to moonlight drenching the pair and their tangled sheets with pale radiance. Alucard shifted his gaze from the ceiling to Integral's face that was still flushed with their lovemaking. He brushed a stray lock of shining hair from her face as her eyes blinked open. Integral lifted her face to gaze at him solemnly. He continued to move his hand into her hair, winding the silken mass idly through his fingers. Integral sighed involuntarily at the tingling, pleasing sensation that traveled down her scalp and spread into her back at Alucard's touch. "Well...?" She questioned him languorously, surprised at the newly intimate tone her voice had assumed.
    "Well?" He echoed her with a kind of tender mockery. Integral felt the corners of her mouth tug in amusement, and she leaned forward to press a chaste kiss to his forehead.
    "What do we do now?" She murmured the words against his skin, feeling her stomach tighten slightly in dread. A pained silence hung in the air while Alucard gazed steadily forward, absorbed in something she could not see. She turned her head curiously and saw with a start that he was looking out the window. "What are you looking at?" Her words roused him from his reverie and he turned his face to her once again.
    "The sun, when I looked up I thought it was setting," he spoke each word in a measured, deliberate tone, as if he was saying something to her that was very meaningful, something she needed to understand.
    "It's rising." Alucard laughed suddenly as if she had something wildly amusing.
    "Yes, master," the resentment had gone out of the word, the way he uttered it now made Integral's muscles contract with a sudden aching pleasure, "Integral, my master, my Integral," he seized her suddenly and captured her mouth with a possessive growl. Integral gave a gentle snort of amusement as she tangled her fingers into his hair, pulling him closer. Over his shoulder, she could see that dawn's earliest rays had stolen through the glass and had soaked into the the cool, white linen until the entire room seemed to shimmer, rosy and exultant in the face of the new day.