Vampire Miyu TV Episode 1: The Fang Knows
A girl lies dead in the street under a flickering lamp. A black haired boy with glasses is walking by when he sees the girl and runs over to her. He recognizes her as Kamimura-san. He looks at her and notices bite marks on her neck, and he gasps, "Kyuutesuki?" He suddenly notices a girl walking away from the scene. He follows her and hides behind a corner. The girl stops and looks back, her gold eyes flashing. She has brown hair in a bun to one side of her head, a braid falling down from the bun with a red ribbon entwined in it. He comes out from behind the corner as she continues walking before disappearing in a mist.

At a school the next day, a vase of flowers sits on the dead girls' desk. Other students are talking about it, saying how they heard that all the blood was drained from the girl's body. The black haired boy sits listening, an annoyingly arrogant smirk on his face as he snidely thinks that they're fools, don't they know? It's the work of a vampire, "I met her."

The teacher then introduces a new student, and the boy starts as he recognizes the girl he saw the previous night. The girl, Yamano Miyu, is asked to sit next to the black haired boy, Machiyama, and she greets him, but he can't say anything. The other classmates mock the "otaku" for not being able to talk to a real girl.

During a quiz, the teacher, a woman with short light hair, Yanahigana Maiko, walks up and down the aisles monitoring the quiz. Two female students exchange looks, then one of them begins writing something on a piece of paper. Maiko-sensei picks up the paper and reads it, looks shocked, and after the girl says it's just a note, she snaps, "Well, quit it!"

In the library, Miyu is looking over a yearbook. Machiyama comes over to her, holding a stack of books. She asks him about Maiko-sensei, and he explains she went to the school before, and family problems forced her to become a teacher here. He knows a lot about her because Maiko is the only one in the school who treats him like an equal. He then shows Miyu his books on vampires, and he tells her he saw one. She shuts the book and stands up, saying it was probably just his imagination, then leaves.

Maiko returns to her apartment, greeting someone, apologizing for having to go to another teachers' meeting. She sits on her bed eating chocolate and gazes at the "someone" - who turns out to be her pet iguana. The teacher says that the girls are it again and pulls out the note of her pocket. She remembers standing outside of a store on a rainy day when a girl puts her hand on her shoulder and says, "Sensei, you're just like us." Maiko tells her iguana that the girls enjoy watching her suffer, what should she do? She just wishes that they were- no, she just doesn't want them to tell anyone...

One of the girls is in a phone booth when she sees something, screams, and is killed. Machiyama is sitting inside his room in the center of a circle in his room holding books on vampires and other creatures. He looks up at the blue moon through his window and says a full moon is when vampires work, so it's time to go hunting (isn't that werewolves?) He sees the dead girl in the phone booth and then he sees Miyu. He runs after her.

On a rooftop, the real Miyu is sitting with a cloaked figure wearing a mask, and they watch Machiyama run off. Miyu says she's sorry, but she doesn't like being followed. The cloaked figure asks Miyu what she'll do with the boy, since she must hunger. Miyu says, "Ne, Larva, don't you think I can make decisions for myself?" A small bunny-like creature with an ear flapped over its right eye with a spikey tail appears, telling Miyu that Machiyama is already past the graveyard. Miyu says that Machiyama is seeing what he wants to see. Shiina, the bunny creature, suddenly lifts its ear up revealing a huge, creepy blood-shot type of eye, saying Machiyama is in the next town now.

The next day, Miyu sees Maiko-sensei in the flower garden of the school. Maiko seems really happy there, and she tells Miyu she likes flowers because they don't say unnecessary things. Miyu says she likes the flowers because of their innocence. Maiko says that Miyu is a strange girl. Machiyama watches Miyu. He follows her to Maiko's apartment which Miyu looks at for a moment before moving on. Machiyama goes up to Maiko's room to tell her she's being targetted by Miyu, who is a vampire, and the dead girl had vampire marks on her neck. Maiko says that it's just his imagination and he gets mad, saying she's relying on her common sense and acting like everyone else in school. She goes to make coffee and Machiyama looks at the iguana, saying Maiko has bad taste in pets. Maiko says it's not true, her iguana is her only friend that she can tell things to.

Machiyama then leaves and meets Miyu on the street. Miyu tells him not to get involved and walks on. Machiyama is startled to see that she has a reflection since she's a vampire.

At school, the final girl bothering Maiko gives her a cross that Maiko doesn't want. Maiko goes to the park and starts to cry, realizing the cross is a final warning. She remembers how she had shoplifted once in a store, and as she left, the three girls from her class tapped her on the shoulder, saying Maiko was just like them and showed her what they stole. They said Maiko wasn't going to tell on them, was she? From then on, they kept taunting her by giving her gifts and writing notes in class. In her room, she says there's only one more girl to get rid of though; suddenly the iguana transforms into its true Shinma form, an extremely huge iguana monster, Maiko lying on top of it. Maiko leaves her apartment and Machiyama follows.

On the school rooftop, Maiko confronts the final girl, dumping all the "gifts" the girls had given her. The girl asks if Maiko is going to tell on her, but Maiko says no, she's going to silence her. The Shinma looms behind her, and Maiko explains in a sort of trance that her friend will take care of the girl; the Shinma says that this woman (Maiko) wants "you girls" to be silenced, and then it lets out its tongue, which wraps around the girls neck and stabs marks into it, sucking out the blood. Machiyama watches horrified from the roof building window.

Suddenly a flute is heard, and on top of the roof building appears Miyu. The Shinma says, "You!" Miyu says that now that the Shinma has revealed itself, it won't escape. The Shinma says that Miyu, the Guardian, is just like the Shinma; Miyu snaps that she doesn't take advantage of weak humans, and then the Shinma snaps its tongue at her. Miyu dodges it, grabs the tongue, and Larva appears, slicing the tongue apart with his long nails. The Shinma tries using its huge tail on them, then jumps in the air. Miyu holds out her hand, a fire appearing in it, and then Larva cuts the Shinma in half, and its guts and organs spill out, as Miyu releases the fire, sending the Shinma back to the dark.

Maiko falls to her knees saying that this is all her fault and the girls are dead. Miyu approaches her, saying it's not her fault since all humans have weak hearts. The Shinma took advantage of her, and it's to blame, not Maiko. Miyu then drinks Maiko's blood, telling her to have good dreams, and "oyasumi". She sets Maiko down on the ground and starts to walk away.

Before she can leave, Machiyama comes running out calling to her. He says that she's a "good vampire" like the ones he's read about. Machiyama asks Miyu to make him become a vampire because it's boring to live with these pathetic humans. Miyu asks if he's that bored? She says that all humans have to carry burdens, deal with them, and move on in life, but he carries nothing, so he can't possibly understand, that's why he's a human. He gets angry and demands she make him a vampire, and she and Larva walk away. The area around them turns red with weird things hanging around; Miyu tells Machiyama not to follow but he runs after her. The world disappears and he plummets off the roof to the ground, a splat/crack being heard.

Maiko is in the flower garden with her beloved flowers, her eyes glazed over with a faraway look as she smiles blankly. Near the school, there are police/ambulance sirens. A pair of cracked, bloody glasses lies on the ground with a pool of blood around it. Miyu's voice says, "Now you're not bored anymore."


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