Vampire Miyu TV Episode 3: The Forest Calls
A dark haired boy is at his desk, sleeping over his books. He's sweating profusely as he dreams. In the dream, he's in a jungle. He walks around and is startled to see the forest suddenly disappear. A strange person wearing a mask and holding a spear appears in front of him. The person takes off the mask and it's him. His other self throws the spear through him, and he screams. The boy wakes up and goes downstairs. The clock says it's 3. He looks at the odd mask with long black hair (the same one in his dream) hanging on the wall, then goes into the bathroom and splashes water on his face. When he looks up, he screams- he's wearing the mask in the reflection of the mirror.

Chisato is complaining about a pop quiz in music, but Miyu points out that she did well. They then notice Yukari, Hisae, and another girl looking worried. Yukari introduces them to them the third girl with brown hair in two ponytails- Yuko Shigeri from Class B. Hisae says Yuko's brother might be going crazy. Yuko says, "It all started when we got that mask." Yukari and Hisae point out that he might be undergoing stress because of his college exams, but Yuko says that's not it. Yukari says if Yuko's that worried, she'll go with her to Yuko's house. Chisato says that they'll all go but Miyu doesn't have to; Miyu says she'll go, since she wants to see the mask as well.

The girls are impressed with Yuko's huge mansion. Yuko explains that this is a house their ancestors built when they became wealthy from an import and export business. Inside, the girls sit on couches in the living room but Miyu stands against the wall. They look at the mask and comment on how creepy it is. Miyu senses that it's a Shinma but it's not like any Shinma she knows. Suddenly she sees the mask in the jungle and starts.

Yuko's brother comes back, greets everyone, looks at the mask, then goes upstairs. Yuko says her brother has lost some weight. Her father returns then and talks with them. Hisae asks Yuko's father if the mask comes from Africa, and he says it did, his friend gave it to him and it's very valuable. Hisae asks if it has something to do with shamanism, and he gives Yuko an irritated look, saying it's just superstition. Yuko says that Kouichi (the brother) hasn't been well since they got the mask. Her father says he wouldn't subscribe to such superstitions since he's too busy studying to become a doctor. Yuko says Kouichi said he didn't want to be a doctor, which her father brushes off. When Yukari asks why a doctor, the father says, "Because he has the ability."

The four girls are walking home, Yukari saying how intense and hard to talk to Yuko and Kouichi's father is. Chisato asks Hisae about the shamanism thing she mentioned earlier. Hisae said she thought it might have been used by a magician. When Chisato asks Miyu what she thinks, Miyu says that she feels there's something wrong with the mask as well.

At the graveyard, Larva tells Miyu that he has seen the mask before, when he was in Europe. Shiina asks him when that was, and Miyu says Larva doesn't remember, right? Shiina pouts over how they treat her like an outsisder. Larva explains that he was on a merchant's ship, posing as a noble. He was really charged with reconnaisance duty in order to spread the European Shinma power to Africa. (Note: This is the first time that it is mentioned that Larva is a European Shinma, not a Japanese Shinma.) In Africa, Larva's men are in a battle when the Shinma appeared. The men tried to shoot it but the gunshots bounced off. The Shinma held its spear and started glowing purple; the men, too, glowed purple except for Larva. Larva tells them to draw back, that the creature has supernatural power. He then tells the creature that its magic doesn't affect him, then demands to know if it's a Shinma. The Shinma attacks, and Larva thrusts his hand through the Shinma's body; the Shinma disappears, leaving behind the body of an old man. Larva says that all the merchants died later, and because the European Shinma did not understand the mask's power, they gave up invading Africa.

Larva does not know if the mask has a mind to it, and Miyu says the mask might have come to Japan because it was attracted to the recent Shinma awakenings. Shiina then says that the mask is causing trouble.

Meanwhile, Kouichi is holding a golf club and wearing the mask. He starts to attack a man, but the man gets mad and punches him, the mask falling off. Yuko is arguing with her father about the mask; she says it's what caused the problems, but her father refuses to believe it. Kouichi awakens, and his mother and sister ask if he's okay, but he only asks if the mask is alright. When Yuko says it's fine, he's says that's good and falls asleep.

At school, Hisae says: "I think the problem is the father." So Yukari and everyone go back to Yuko's house to talk to the father to try to get him to get rid of the mask. The clock in the hall sounds, and Kouichi comes down, ignoring everyone. He picks up the mask. His father tells him to stop it, and he slaps his father. He tries to attack Yukari too, but she punches him in the stomach. He drops the mask, and Miyu picks it up and runs off with it. The other girls follow her, demanding to know what she's doing. Miyu locks herself in a room and Yukari pounds on the door.

Inside the room, Miyu confronts the mask in her world. She questions it, asking what it's doing here, but it only grunts. Larva appears telling her it's useless since the mask can't communicate. Larva takes off his own mask, asking if the other Shinma remembers him. The mask glows in response. Larva says it recognizes him, and it's time to finish their battle. The mask mutters, "I remember" and a body appears beneath it. They fight, Larva with the scythe, the Shinma with a spear. The Shinma pierces Larva's shoulder with the spear.

Miyu tries to blast the mask with fire, but the fire goes through its body. Shiina appears and says its body isn't real. The Shinma flies up, its body becoming putty-like. Miyu tries again to blast it with fire, but the Shinma's fake body extinguishes it. Larva tells Miyu to stand aside- it's his fight. Larva pulls the spear out of himself, and the Shinma uses its putty body to attack, but Larva dodges most of them and thrusts the spear into the mask. The mask breaks in half and the body disappears.

Larva: "It is done."
Miyu: "Are you alright, Larva?"
"Thank you very much, Miyu."

Yukari breaks open the door, and Miyu is standing there. She tells them that she broke the mask. Outside, the girls, Kouichi, and the father watch as they burn the mask; the father wonders if the mask really had that power. Kouichi says it's finally gone.

Later, Miyu and Larva discuss the mask some more. Miyu wonders if it's gone, and Larva says he doesn't know what will happen and that it doesn't matter.

Miyu: "Right, it's not mot my job to worry about the aftermath. Larva, do your wounds hurt anymore?"
Larva: "No." Miyu: "Larva, do you want to go back to Europe?"
Larva: "I fought against my past and beat it."
Miyu: "That's right."
Shiina: "Geez, they're off in their private little world again."

Kouichi is sleeping when his drawer opens and the mask is inside. Kouichi with the mask on walks outside and meets another mask floating in the air. The other mask says, "Give me back the forest!" Kouichi wakes up and opens the drawer but there's nothing inside. Kouichi walks down the stairs, and his father asks what's wrong. Kouischi smiles and says, "Father, it's about my future".

The screen is now focused outside of the house, and then you hear Kouichi cry, "Give me back the forest!"


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