Vampire Miyu TV Episode 4: Reiha has Come
There's an old hut in the mountains in Japan during the Showa era. A man inside explains to Miyu about his past and how he worked for the government, working hard and often coming back at midnight. "I was proud they thought I was able to do my job so well." But one day he came home and found that his wife had committed suicide, leaving a note that said, "I am lonely." The man says that's why he travels to atone for his wife's death.

The little girl in his lap, who has been playing with a toy cow, gives Miyu a charm with a picture of her mother in it saying, "This is my mother." Miyu smiles and says, "She looks very sweet". The girl nods, saying she was. There is a knock at the door of the hut, and the old woman who lives there answers it.

Miyu asks if he will atone for all his sins by traveling, but he says, "No, I won't be forgiven even if I travel forever. But I can't help it..."
"What will happen to your daughter?"
"My daughter will always be with me."
The girl says, "We're going to look for mom, right?"
"That's right."
The old woman of the hut lets the stranger in, telling her to warm herself near the fire.

Miyu looks up, startled. The strange girl holds an odd doll in her arms; she has very white skin, black hair, and an odd marking on her forehead. Miyu recognizes the girl: "Reiha?"

Reiha smiles. "It's been a long time, Miyu."

Reiha and Miyu are sleeping in the same room. Reiha sets her doll up and tells Miyu that she was glad to have a place to stay.

Miyu says that she didn't think the cold weather would have any effect on Reiha. Reiha says but it's dangerous to sleep out in the open. Miyu demands to know why Reiha has come.

Reiha: "You're so cold."
Miyu: "I don't want to hear that from a snow demon."

The doll then speaks to Miyu demanding to know why Miyu is here, and if there's a Shinma? Miyu says she's not sure. The doll tells Miyu that she's mistaken to think that all stray Shinma are hers.

Miyu looks at Reiha and asks if that's her reason for being here, if she wants to hunt Shinma that much. Reiha replies that she didn't say anything, and that Matsukaze (her doll) is "slightly prone to violence". Miyu says that she's not the Guardian because she wants to be, and if Reiha wants to be one, she can. Matsukaze tries to pick a fight with Miyu, telling her that she's lying, that she really loves to fight the Shinma. He won't let her have all the fun to herself. Miyu only says, "You can't possibly understand how I feel."

In the morning, the old woman serves Miyu and Reiha rice for breakfast. Miyu looks around and asks her where the other two have gone. The old woman replies that they've already left and have started towards the hills. Miyu asks what's towards there, and the woman says nothing, except that some poeple went that way but never came back. They tried searching for them but could find nothing.

Miyu remembers with a start the little girl and how her father said she'd always be with him. Miyu stands up, and Reiha puts down her bowl. The woman says, "Impossible! You're not going that way?"

Miyu says that they can still catch up with them if they leave now, and Reiha waves aside the old woman's concern for them saying that they're used to hardships.

Miyu and Reiha walk through the forest. Reiha comments that they should have caught up to them by now, and Miyu agrees. Reiha then asks Miyu why she wants to help the humans so much since they wanted to come on their own will. Miyu replies, "The girl doesn't deserve this." Matsukaze says, "You're so sweet to kids... No, you're too soft." When Miyu says they didn't have to come, Matsukaze replies that there is a Shinma nearby and that Miyu can't have it to herself.

Then Miyu asks Reiha why she is there. Matsukaze starts to answer when Miyu says she isn't talking to him, she's talking to Reiha. Reiha answers that when Shinma do evil deeds, innocent creatures like her are blamed; she doesn't want to be mistaken for a Shinma. Miyu says that's a selfish reason, so Matsukaze demands why Miyu's the Guardian? Miyu says, "Reason... There is no reason."

Suddenly, something lands on Miyu and she brushes it off. It falls to the ground, and Miyu sees that it's a leech. She looks around and sees that she's covered with leeches, they're all over the trees, and on the ground.

Matsukaze: "How ironic. A vampire being blood sucked."

Reiha sets Matsukaze down and says, "Blizzard". Ice comes from her hands and freezes everything, including the leeches.

"Now it will be easier to walk."

Miyu is holding a flame and only gives Reiha an annoyed look.

Miyu and Reiha come across a hut with smoke from the roof and animals in the shed. Miyu knocks at the door, and a beautiful woman with long black hair in a thin braid down her front answers. The woman is surprised, asking if they, only being children, are going into the hills. Miyu asks her if a father and daughter have passed by; the woman says no and tells them they can check for themselves. Reiha obliges, entering the hut, while Miyu asks what's beyond this area. The woman says the path going through the hills, and that since most people are in a hurry to get over them, they don't usually stop by. She then invites them to stay for the evening.

After dinner, Reiha says she's going to bed and will leave the matter up to Miyu. Miyu assists the woman in cleaning up, and the woman notices Miyu's wounds from the leeches. She gets some spring water and starts applying a cloth soaked in the water to the wounds. Miyu asks why the woman is being so kind to her, and the woman says, "Even though I am a Shinma?" The woman says she knows Miyu is the Guardian since she heard rumors. But if Miyu wants to seal her into the Dark, that's alright; she is no longer interested in humans since she loves her peaceful life here. After Miyu asks if that's the truth, the woman says she'll show her proof.

The woman takes Miyu into the woods to a pool of water with a small waterfall. She calls for "everyone" to come out. Responding to her call, bears, deer, bunnies, cows, owls, and other animals comes out of the woods and watch them. The woman tells Miyu not to be afraid, they all love her (the woman). Miyu's face softens as she starts to believe that the Shinma really isn't interested in humans anymore. The woman says, "I'm happy as long as they are with me. I don't need to meddle with humans anymore."

Miyu returns to the hut where Reiha is. Reiha asks her how it went with the Shinma, and she tells her it's none of her concern. Reiha says "Is that so?" and says she found this- she gives it to Miyu, it's the little girl's charm with her mother's picture in it.

Miyu stares at it in disbelief and asks, "Where did you find it?"

Reiha replies, "In the animal shed."

Matsukzae tells Miyu that this is her punishment for being weak and for trusting a Shinma.

Miyu's hand tightens around the charm as she says that this is unforgiveable. Meanwhile, the woman grows some weird wheat in her barn and begins cutting it.

In the morning, the woman gives them some rice cakes for breakfast. Miyu and Reiha eat some while the woman watches, smiling.

"There's no point in waiting," Miyu says, and the woman's eyes widen. "This food won't work on us. We won't turn into animals."
The woman is shocked: "How-?"
Reiha says, "We know everything, about your plan."
Miyu looks at the woman and says, "Sanjoushi of Hankyo- a Chinese demon who turns travelers into animals."

The woman admits that the father and daughter did come to her hut. They said that she looked exactly like their dead wife/mother. "So I arranged it so that they could stay with me. All the people love me, so I let them stay with me. What's wrong with that?"

Miyu tells her that they found horseshoes in the animal shed, but the Shinma doesn't have a horse. Miyu says that the Shinma either sold the horse in the town or worked it to death.

The woman smiles. "Since you know so much, I have nothing to add. But I cannot let you go back either."

The woman turns into a blue Shinma with Chinese clothing, and Miyu is wearing her standard outfit as well.

Matsukaze says that now that the Shinma has revealed her true form, he will kill her. Reiha tells him, "No, let's what how much Miyu fights." Matsukaze is surprised, and Reiha explains that they might have to fight against her soon.

The Shinma attacks them, then flies through the roof of the hut. Miyu calls for her her flame and tries to throw it, but the fire burns out right before the Shinma whacks her with her tail.

The Shinma taunts Miyu: "What's the matter, feeling a little light-headed?" Miyu suddenly realizes she lacks blood because of the leeches from the previous day.

The Shinma launches a water attack against Miyu. Miyu tries to block it with her hands, and then the Shinma stops and suddenly appears behind her, slashing her with her claws. Miyu falls to the ground, hurt.

Matsukaze wonders to Reiha if Miyu will die, but then the Shinma tries attacking Reiha. Reiha freezes the water, and the ice shatters. The Shinma is stunned. Miyu then calls to the Shinma, a flame appearing in her hands. "Atashi no honou, onegai!" She tells the Shinma that she will not forgive her and lets loose the flame as the Shinma is horrified because Miyu shouldn't have any power left.

As the Shinma is taken to the dark, she calls out for her animals to appear. After the Shinma disappears, her hut and barn vanish as well. Reiha congradulates Miyu but they then hear animal sounds from the forest; Miyu says it's not over as they see red glowing eyes from the trees and the bushes. The animals start towards them.

"They will not stop now," says Reiha.
Miyu shakes her head and says that they should leave.
Matsukaze angrily demands, "Why are you running away? They're going to be animals until they die anyway! Why don't you kill them?"
Miyu replies, "But they're still human."
Reiha and Matsukaze both say, "Too soft."

The animals charge as Miyu dodges their attacks. Reiha then flies into the air and Miyu yells at her to not do it. Reiha says that Miyu can't stop her, and then she freezes all the animals, encasing them in ice and killing them.

One final animal, a cow, charges towards Miyu, and Miyu suddenly realizes it's the little girl, but then Reiha lands in front of Miyu and freezes the cow. Miyu falls to her knees looking at the body. Reiha demurely says, "I'm glad you're safe."

Matsukaze adds that Miyu should thank them since they saved her life.

Miyu glares furiously at them, and Reiha says, "We are finished here." She and Matsukaze leave.

Miyu looks at the girl's locket and the picture of the mother, then says, "They were not alike, not at all" and drops the locket over the body of the cow.


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