Warning: This page contains major plot spoilers for the Magic Knight Rayearth 2 manga and for Card Captor Sakura. Unfortunately, to fully understand the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic series, you need to know these spoilers. Tough cookies. Please see the links and credits for some sites I've used as sources.

Mokona is a cute, fluffy, bun-shaped creature that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a dumpling. It's technically an "it," but most fans call it "he," particularly in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. One of its most distinctive physical features is the round red jewel in the center of its forehead. Mokona first appears in the manga and anime series Magic Knight Rayearth, the title that launched its creators, CLAMP, to fame. Mokona was named after CLAMP's lead artist, Mokona. Two other Mokonas, one white and one black (both named Mokona Modoki), later appear in CLAMP's crossover series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (the anime series is called Tsubasa Chronicle), and in xxxHolic.

In Magic Knight Rayearth, Mokona is the typical animal companion/mascot that is often seen in many shoujo series. An inhabitant of the world of Cephiro, Mokona's main function is to guide and assist the legendary Magic Knights. Mokona's jewel can create shelter and food for the girls, and it also serves as a communication device. In the MKR manga and anime, Mokona can only say one word: "puu!" Mokona is mischievous, friendly, and loveable, and though it makes friends easily, it is quite good at annoying people, too. Mokona is also cowardly, always running to safety whenever there is danger nearby.

Of course, appearances can be deceptive, and at the end of the Magic Knight Rayearth 2 manga series, we learn some rather startling "wtf" information about Mokona's true identity. Mokona is actually a god, who created Cephiro, Earth, and the masshin. Mokona first created Earth, where everything was determined by the power of everyone's individual Will. However, disappointed that the people of Earth were destroying themselves and their world, Mokona then created Cephiro. With Cephiro, Mokona made the Pillar system, in which the entire world was dependent on one person's Will, the one person being the Pillar. Princess Emeraude in the first series was the Pillar, who wished for her own death because she had fallen in love with Zagato. In Magic Knight Rayearth 2, the leaders of different countries fought to become the next Pillar. It was Hikaru, though, who became the Pillar, and with her Will, she abolished the Pillar system entirely. Mokona then left with the masshin to another dimension.

In the Magic Knight Rayearth anime, Mokona was voiced by Shiratori Yuri.

In xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, we meet two new Mokonas. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is a crossover series, using characters and relationships from CLAMP's previous works to create an entirely new adventure. There are, however, many new characters in the series as well. xxxHolic is TRC's sister series; the two are actually quite separate, distinct series, but some of the events in both overlap, particularly in the beginning of both series. Later on, we sometimes see the same event from different points of view. The main threads tying the two series together are Yuuko and the Mokonas.

Some time ago, a magician named Clow Reed and a witch named Yuuko from "our" world encountered the Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth. Mokona, whom Yuuko describes in xxxHolic as a "delicious"-looking white creature, came from another dimension; it would create one world, then move on to create another. From this fated encounter, Clow Reed and Yuuko learned about the existence of alternate dimensions. Apparently, they may have been gifted with powers to affect time and space, as well.

Somehow, they also learned that two young people, Syaoran and Sakura, would one day come from another dimension to "our dimension" for help. In this world, Li Syaoran and Kinomoto Sakura, whose adventures are related in the manga/anime series Card Captor Sakura, are related to Clow Reed. The Syaoran and Sakura who would need Yuuko's help would come from a completely different world, but they would have the same souls as the Sakura and Syaoran from this world. Thus, Clow Reed and Yuuko were determined to help Sakura and Syaoran, along with the two other companions they would have, and so created the two Mokonas.

The history of the Mokonas' creation and their upbringing comes from a special series of stories that CLAMP released on its webpage (which were later reprinted in a book called Soel to Larg: Mokona=Modoki no Boukens) specifically about the two Mokonas. The two Mokonas were created in the image of the original Mokona: one was white with a red jewel, and one was black with a blue jewel. They were both called Mokona Modoki. When they were first created, they were also given individual names, but these names have not actually been used in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle or xxxHolic- they are only used in the special CLAMP book. Clow Reed called the white Mokona "Soel" and the black Mokona "Larg," the names of two ancient magical symbols. Their full names are Mokona=Soel=Modoki and Mokona=Larg=Modoki.

The two Mokonas are identical in every respect to the original Mokona, except they are a little smaller, and they also have a sealing stone on their ears. Soel has a red sealing stone on his right ear, and Larg has a blue sealing stone on his left ear. (Yuuko and Clow told the Mokonas that they would know what to do with the stones when the time came.) Furthermore, the two Mokonas can actually talk normally, unlike the original Mokona, who, at least when he was traveling with the Magic Knights incognito, could only say "puu." After their creation, the two Mokonas then livedwith Yuuko and Clow, growing up with them, Kerberos, and Yue; learning all sorts of things from their creators; and getting into a lot of trouble, as two cuties are wont to do. At some point, the two were then sealed into special chambers, where they slept until the time they would be needed for Syaoran, Sakura, and their two companions.

Fast-forward to Volume 1 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Volume 2 of xxxHolic, the latter of which takes place in present-day Japan. Syaoran and Sakura from another world, along with Fye and Kurogane from their own individual worlds, appear before Yuuko, asking for her help. Yuuko sends a young boy, Watanuki, to fetch the Mokonas from the jars. He does so, learns about their creation (much to his confusion), and brings them to Yuuko. Yuuko presents the white Mokona to Syaoran and the others; Mokona will assist them on their journey as they travel across time and space to recover Sakura's feathers (her memories/power). Black Mokona, on the other hand, will stay with Yuuko, serving as a communication device with white Mokona, much to Watanuki's annoyance. White Mokona has the power to travel between dimensions, so once Yuuko takes from the four travellers their most precious item - Kurogane's sword, Fye's tattoo and powers, Syaoran's relationship with Sakura, and (eventually) Sakura's memories of Syaoran - Mokona sprouts wings (looking exactly like god Mokona from MKR), sucks the four of them into his mouth, and the five disappear to another world.

Thus begins Mokona=Soel=Modoki's adventures with Syaoran, Sakura, Fye, and Kurogane. Mokona is quite similar to the original Magic Knight Rayearth Mokona (when in non-god form, anyway), expanded vocabulary and earring notwithstanding (though he does still say "puu!", especially in the anime). He is very adorable, hyper, mischievous, sweet, excited, playful, curious, and outgoing. He loves to tease everyone and play around and is quite an attention-seeker, sometimes winning friends (Syaoran, Sakura, and Fye all adore him), other times gaining people's irritation (namely Kurogane). Mokona loves to eat and drink, and he is generally a lot more courageous than MKR's Mokona. Mokona is very loyal to his friends and cares a great deal about them; he is also surprisingly perceptive, as evident by some of his comments to Fye.

Mokona has all sorts of powers. Besides being able to travel through time and space- and carrying his four friends with him- he can also sense Sakura's feathers, which is how he knows which worlds to go to (though he can't actually choose the destinations himself). When he senses a feather, his normally closed eyes pop open widely, and he makes a "mekyo" sound (translated in the English manga as "boink"). Mokona can serve as a communication device with Yuuko (similar to MKR's Mokona); can send objects to Yuuko (by swallowing the object) and recieve objects from Yuuko (which the black Mokona swallowed); and can create a sort of "translation field," meaning that when Syaoran-tachi are near Mokona, they can understand each other and the natives of every world (as the languages are all different). Furthermore, Mokona is well educated and offers quite a bit of information about worlds, cultures, and magic that his human friends may not know. Finally, Mokona says he has 108 secret techniques; these are all very cute abilities he has and include things like "Super Disguise," "Super Magnetism," and "Super Voice Imitation." We've only seen a handful of his secret techniques, so who knows what else he can do.

Mokona's seiyuu in the Tsubasa Chronicle anime is Kikuchi Mika (who also does the voice for black Mokona in xxxHolic).

If we learn anything more about Mokona - which we undoubtedly will someday - I'll post that here. Until then, enjoy his adventures in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle :)


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