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Witch Hunter Robin is a dramatic, dark anime series created by Bandai and Sunrise. In Japan, it ran for 26 episodes from July until December 2002.

The series focuses on Robin Sena, a 15-year-old girl from Italy who can use the Craft. She is transferred to STN-J, the Japanese branch of the worldwide secret organization STN, whose task is to hunt down witches.

Witches are seemingly normal people with extraordinary powers. Their powers are usually hereditary, which is how STN tracks down potential witches. Witches live as regular humans, often not knowing they are different, until their powers awaken. When this occurs, they are considered a dangerous threat to normal humans, and so must be eliminated by the STN.

STN-J, however, uses Orbo- a highly experimental new substance that apparently nullifies a witch's powers - to capture witches, and then sends them off to the mysterious Factory. This is considered more humane than killing. However, even the members of STN-J have no idea what really goes on inside the Factory.

Initially, Witch Hunter Robin starts off as a "witch of the day" type of anime. Although dark and beautiful, it is at first episodic. However, around episode 11, a sharp turn in the story takes place; from then on, the series goes in a totally different direction, and the mysteries of the Factory, Orbo, and the various characters are unravelled.

Definitely one of the best anime series of 2002, Witch Hunter Robin is a must-see. The series was licensed by Bandai for release in North America, and the first Region 1 bilingual DVD was released October 7, 2003. The English dubbed verison of Witch Hunter Robin premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up on February 16, 2004.

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