March Koala-No

Machiko Kono from March Koala-No has extremely beautiful art; I'm in love with her style. Her doujinshi are well known for their complex and angsty stories. Her Gundam Wing doujinshi run under the circle name Gourmet's Lonely Trip (also known as Gurume Hitori Tabi and G.L.T.).

Title: Tadaima
Circle: March Koala-No
Date: December 28, 1997
Size: B5
Pages: 64
Description: This doujinshi focuses on Duo Maxwell and has a very long, angst-filled, serious story that also features Heero and Quatre. There's also one gag story at the beginning with the five boys, focusing on Duo, Heero, and Wufei. The doujinshi has several really nice sketches of Duo, Relena, and Wufei (with his hair down, rowr).

Title: Bara Tropics
Circle: March Koala-No
Date: August 15, 1998
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Description: A girls-focused doujinshi with some short gags featuring Relena, Dorothy, Cathrine, and Lady Une. Heero, Quatre, Duo, and Trowa appear very briefly. There's also a nice sketch of Relena and Silvia Noventa and a cute picture of chibi Cathrine. The last story is the Relena and Milliardo story from "Bara ga Nakucha Ikite Yukenai."

Title: Bara ga Nakucha Ikite Yukenai
Circle: March Koala-No
Date: December 29, 1998
Size: A5
Pages: 104
Description: Words cannot describe how in love with this doujinshi I am. This is a beautifully done book containing serious stories (and of course, many are dripping with angst) about the Gundam Wing girls, including Silvia Noventa. The book is divided into two sections. Side A, "No Life Without A Rose," has two stories with Relena (Milliardo appears in the first story, Heero in the second), two stories focusing on Cathrine (the second one features Trowa), a story on Silvia, and a story with Sally (and Cathrine). Side B, "Swear Scarlet," begins at the other end of the book. Its stories include one about Lady Une (Duo is featured), one very short story with Dorothy, two stories on Hirde (Duo is in the second), and a story on Noin (Wufei and Zechs appear in it). There are also pretty sketches of all the girls.

Title: All Stars Hotel
Circle: March Koala-No
Date: August 11, 2000
Size: B5
Pages: 38
Description: Another lovely doujinshi by GLT, this one features gags in the first half, mostly centering around Heero, Duo, and Wufei, with one story about Trowa at the circus. There's also a gag story with Noin, Relena, and Milliardo as students in cute uniforms at Sanq Kingdom School; Noin protects Relena from bullies (Alex and Mueller), and pretty much scares all the guys. There's a serious story about how after the war, Noin and Sally are put in charge of the Gundam boys, but Heero and Duo take off.

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