Plum Garden

Plum Garden, or Kanzaki Himi, does mostly Heero x Relena doujinshi. Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous. <3

I primarily own her angel series, "No Fortune Teller" and "Live Alone," which take place in the same alternate universe. This AU is actually official (although Plum Garden's doujinshi is obviously not), and a series of Bandai trading cards was created for it. Relena is the queen of the angels, and Heero, also an angel, is her guardian. The two flee the angel world, and on earth, they meet Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei. In the universe, Milliardo is also Heero's older brother, not Relena's. The books are apparently collections of stories about the universe and don't have a continuous plot.

Kanzaki-san also did a number of Mamoru x Usagi books for Sailor Moon under the circle name Reverse and individual name Takatsuki Riho. I also own one Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi to which she contributed under the circle name Platinum Egoist.

Title: No Fortune Teller
Circle: Plum Garden
Date: August 3, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 38

Title: No Fortune Teller 2
Circle: Plum Garden
Date: May 3, 1997
Size: B5
Pages: 32

Title: No Fortune Teller 3
Circle: Plum Garden
Date: December 28, 1997
Size: B5
Pages: 36

Title: Live Alone
Circle: Plum Garden
Date: August 14, 1999
Size: B5
Pages: 46
Description: The main story is about how Relena, as a child, met a young angel with black wings. Later, Relena meets Milliardo and Heero, and she learns that the black-winged boy was Heero. There's some general angst about the wings. The doujinshi also includes a short novel and a short angel story by Ronno & Kalus.

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