Ronno and Kalus

The artist for Ronno and Kalus is Bambi Takeda, and she primarily does Heero x Relena doujinshi. Her art is pretty and is similar to the anime style. She is one of the most popular Heero x Relena doujinshika. She is now known for doing Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang x Edward Elric doujinshi.

The following have yet to be added: "There is not a breath of air," "Happy Style," "Rain," "Kiseki no Hana," "Wild Innocent," "Since 1," "Heart Trigger," "Torawareno Minoue," a short copy-book.

Title: June Bridal
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: August 3, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 68
Description: This doujinshi has one very long Heero x Relena story (which also includes Noin, Trowa, Quatre, and Duo); one short Duo x Hilde story; one gag with Wufei, Quatre, Duo, and Sally; some short gags about Heero, Relena, and their children; some shorts about Heero and Relena's marriage; and some Quatre x Dorothy. There are also a few side pictures, mostly Heero x Relena. There's a group picture with the five Gundam boys in tuxedos and their girls in bridal gowns (but Quatre and Dorothy have their roles reversed, and Noin hugs a picture of Zechs).

Title: Since 1-2-3 General
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: May 2, 1999
Size: B5
Pages: 134
Description: Compilation of "Since 1," "Since 2," and "Since 3" in one volume.

Title: Since 4
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: August 14, 1999
Size: B5
Pages: 40
Description: Continuation of the Since series.

Title: Since 5
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: December 25, 1999
Size: B5
Pages: 48
Description: Part 5 of the Since series.

Title: Since 6
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: December 29, 2000
Size: B5
Pages: 70
Description: Part 6 of the Since series.

Title: Since 7 - How Far This Place
Circle: Ronno & Kalus
Date: ??
Size: B5
Pages: 36
Description: Heero and Relena have explicit sex.

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