Teikoku Club

Teikoku Club has quite a bit of Gundam Wing doujinshi. I think much of it is boys love, except for the OZ doujinshi which feature Zechs x Noin and Treize x Une. Incidentally, the artist, Natsuru Aosaki, has done a lot of Sailor Moon doujinshi, too, mostly focusing on Haruka x Michiru or the Starlights, so she's listed in my Sailor Moon section, too.

Title: Operation-1 Zside Only
Circle: Teikoku Club
Date: September 30, 1995
Size: B5
Pages: ??
Description: This is another OZ-focused dojin. There are a few gag stories; a serious, 14-paged Une-centric story with Treize; and a serious, 16-page story about Zechs and Noin (with implied sex).

Title: Nocturne
Circle: Teikoku Club
Date: December 25, 1995
Size: A4
Pages: 46
Description: An OZ-centric doujinshi focusing mostly on Zechs and Noin. There are a few gags: a story with Lady Une and Noin, plus a cute scene of Treize and Zechs bathing; Relena misinterprets Noin's love for Zechs; a story has Relena, Pargan, and Quatre; Lady Une and Noin spy on Treize and Zechs playing with Gundam toys. There's a 13-page story with Relena and Noin talking about Zechs; Zechs later privately contacts Noin to wish her a happy birthday. A 3-page story is about Zechs and Noin at Lake Victoria Academy. There are several side pictures: Zechs and Noin in the Lake Victoria cadet outfits; Noin in her instructor's uniform; Zechs and Noin in their OZ uniforms; Treize and Une; Treize; Relena and Noin in the Sanq Kingdom outfits; Zechs and Noin head shot; and the Gundam pilots and OZ.

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