From 1998-2001, Kingyo-Tenjin did many Hellsing doujinshi. The drawings are by Myoujin Yuko, and the stories are by Myoujin Akiko. All of the doujinshi focus heavily on Integra. At least one of their books has Arucard x Integra, but that pairing isn't present in any of the books on this page. There is, however, minor Seras->Integra (where Seras overly worships Integra), and at times, it seems like all the other characters are in love with Integra, too (for gag purposes, of course). There's also an on-going AU-type, gag series present in many of the books where Seras and Arucard's roles are reversed.

Kill Two Birds - Front Cover Kill Two Birds - Back Cover
Title: Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Circle: Kingyo-Tenjin
Date: April 2, 2000
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Description: All gags involving Integra, Seras, Arucard, Walter, and the Valentine brothers, and there's one short with "black" Seras and police officer Arucard.

Title: Listen Carefully to the Whisper from the Darkness of the Night
Circle: Kingyo-Tenjin
Date: August 11, 2001
Size: A5
Pages: 146
Description: This is a remix containing extractions from the following Hellsing doujinshi: "Royal Knights of Anglican Church" (12/29/1998), "Quick and Dead" (03/27/1999), "International" (05/02/1999), "Have it Your Way!!" (05/16/1999), "Hob Nob!!" (08/14/1999), "Kill Two Birds with One Stone" (04/02/2000), "Green-Eyed Monster" (05/03/2000), "Kick Back" (08/11/2000), and "Leave Me Alone" (12/30/2000). This is a really nice collection, and it has a lot of stories, lovely stand-alone pictures, and overall pretty artwork. All the stories are gags, and the main focuses are Integra, Seras, and Arucard, although Walter, Anderson, Luke Valentine, and Jan Valentine appear, too.

The Farewell Party - Front Cover The Farewell Party - Back Cover
Title: The Farewell Party
Circle: Kingyo-Tenjin
Date: December 29, 2001
Size: B5
Pages: 22
Description: Kingyo-Tenjin's last Hellsing doujinshi. It has gag stories with Seras, Integra, Arucard, and Millennium.

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