Omega 2-D

Omega 2-D loves young Walter, has gorgeous artwork, and definitely tends towards boys love (although non-explicit).

Nightmare Garden - Front Cover Nightmare Garden - Back Cover
Title: Nightmare Garden
Circle: Omega 2-D
Date: August 9, 2002 (5th printing)
Size: B5
Pages: 34
Description: Gag stories. Arucard uses his mind control on Pip during their trip to South America, then takes him to his room for some rather loud "activity." Integra gets a nosebleed imagining Arucard doing things to young Walter after some ghoul-killing. Jan Valentine finds weird things afoot in the Hellsing mansion, but Luke's too busy with Arucard to mind. The Major gropes Schrodinger, which gives all the Millennium troops nosebleeds, and the Captain gets kinky ideas. Other stuff with Pip and Anderson.

Nightmare Garden 2 - Front Cover Nightmare Garden 2 - Back Cover
Title: Nightmare Garden 2
Circle: Omega 2-D
Date: August 9, 2002
Size: B5
Description: More gag stories. Walter and Arucard, in a coffin, show up in front of the Major, Captain, and Doctor. There's a story with Arthur Hellsing, young Walter, and Arucard... lots of groping and such every which way, although Walter doesn't appreciate Arucard's frequent hits, and he ends up in a maid uniform for Arthur. Seras and Integra reveal that they're both actually men. There's also a Millennium story focusing on Schrodinger.

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