Hellsing doujinshi by Yabannahoseki focus on Arucard, Seras, and Arucard x Seras. The art's fairly cute.

Baby Moon - Front Cover Baby Moon - Back Cover
Title: Baby Moon
Circle: Yabannahoseki
Date: August 5, 1999
Size: A5
Type: Copy book
Pages: 18
Description: One story with Arucard comforting young Integra and one story with Arucard x Seras (not very explicit). Side pictures of Integra, Arucard and Seras, and Seras.

front cover Back cover
Title: ??
Circle: Yabannahoseki
Date: January 28, 2001
Size: B5
Pages: 26
Description: A lot of cute Arucard and Seras gags and pictures. Some Pip, some Yumiko and Heinkel.

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