Hello World

Although I don't own many doujinshi by Hello World, I do like the circle tons. The artwork is always extremely cute/pretty, and I wish I had more doujinshi by the circle. Hello World has tons of books.

Title: "Platinum .78"
Date of Publication: 05/03/1994
Size and Length: B5; 52 pages
Circle: Hello World
Comments: This is a Uranus/Neptune only doujinshi by Hello World. It features many comedic short stories by different artists; the first one-page story has Tigerseye looking into Michiru's dream mirror, several other stories include Michiru keeping Haruka in check with violence and a leash, other parodies are based on the SMS episodes, and another story has Neptune pouncing upon Super Sailor Moon to snatch baby Hotaru from her. There are many stand-alone pictures of Haruka and Michiru, some drawings of them from the musicals, a picture version of the conversation Haruka has with Michiru on the phone from her Sailor Moon S CD prologue, and "extras" including lyrics and dialogue of Haruka and Michiru's SMS songs, prologues, and poems, as well as a complete episode list of SMS.

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Cover of "Platinum .78"
Back of "Platinum .78"

Title: "Koiai no Hosoku"
Date of Publication: 12/29/1995
Size and Length: B5; 34 pages
Circle: Hello World
Comments: This is a nice doujinshi that has three short stories. The first and third ones are both called "Love" and focus on Haruka and Michiru; the second one is called "Kiss" and is about Rei and Minako. It's a very sweet doujinshi with great artwork. There's even a picture of Saturn at the end.

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Cover of "Koiai no Hosoku"
Back of "Koiai no Hosoku"