Jesus Drug

Shizuru Hayashiya of the circle Jesus Drug has very beautiful artwork. Her stories are generally adult (and almost always Michiru x Haruka), but usually with a comedic bent. Jesus Drug has released several joint books with Mirage House, and many joint books with various artists under the circle Jesus Drug Plus.

Title: "No Good"
Artist: Shizuru Hayashiya
Date of Publication: ??
Size and Length: B5; ?? pages
Circle: Jesus Drug

Description of Picture
Cover of "No Good"
Back of "No Good"

Title: "Kaitai Shinsho"
Artist: Shizuru Hayashiya
Date of Publication: 03/17/1996
Size and Length: B5; 59 pages
Circle: Jesus Drug
Comments: Very nice artwork by Jesus Drug. The stories are mostly gags and have a running theme of Michiru seducing Haruka. In one story, a sick Michiru tries to seduce Haruka, who's horrified by her gross state, and Michiru ends up sneezing on Haruka. Another story has Haruka and Michiru skiing, then ending up in an abandoned cabin that just happens to have a bed that Michiru wants to put to use; in another story, the two are walking in the woods and Michiru seduces Haruka. Other stories involve Michiru fantasizing about seducing Haruka in episode 110; Haruka tries to cook with disasterous results; Michiru seems to be angry at Haruka, but Haruka goes to see her and makes up; and Haruka accidentally becomes a child, Michiru nearly goes crazy trying to deal with it.

Title: "Sadistic Nanchitte"
Artist: Shizuru Hayashiya
Date of Publication: 08/03/1996
Size and Length: B5; 48 pages
Circle: Jesus Drug
Comments: More gorgeous art by Jesus Drug. This doujinshi has a few more gag stories and a more serious one. The first story has Haruka playing with Hotaru, then thinking about Seiya and getting really pissed off before Setsuna whacks her with the BAK (Big Ass Key). There's a eally goth, pretty story has Haruka dreaming about meeting Michiru, a vampire, who attacks her, and when Haruka wakes up to see Michiru snuggling her breasts, she drives a stake through Michiru's forehead. Another story has Rei watching Haruka and Michiru acting disgustingly lovey-dovey over each other. The next story involves Setsuna, Haruka, and Hotaru's weird pitdog puppy. There's also a story with Haruka and Ami.