Mecca, the circle of artist Minami Kazuka, has beautiful artwork. She tends towards Michiru x Haruka, with some Haruka x Usagi. Her Haruka is often a bit uke. Minami-san has also done a lot of Gundam Wing doujinshi, mostly Trowa x Quatre (with very, very, very uke Quatre).

Title: "Half Moon"
Artist: Minami Kazuka
Date of Publication: 7/24/1994
Size and Length: B5; 46 pages
Circle: Mecca
Comments: This is pretty short, though considerably longer than most of Kazuka's work. The first story is serious and focuses on Haruka and Michiru, while the second is Haruka x Usagi. Wonderful art. There are a lot of nice pictures of Haruka and Michiru as well as some other anime art Kazuka has done (like of Naussica).

Cover of "Half Moon"
Back of "Half Moon"

Title: "Fish of Sky, Bird of Sea"
Artist: Minami Kazuka
Date of Publication: 12/30/1994
Size and Length: B5; 18 pages
Circle: Mecca
Comments: A very short doujinshi with some short gag stories, then a slightly longer, sweet romantic story between Haruka and Michiru.

Cover of "Fish of Sky, Bird of Sea"
Back of "Fish of Sky, Bird of Sea"

Title: "(Sailormoon S) Returns!"
Artist: Minami Kazuka
Date of Publication: 8/20/1995
Size and Length: B5; 22 pages
Circle: Mecca
Comments: Another short doujinshi. This one is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing; the five boys of Gundam Wing appear as Mugen Gakuen students trying to convince Haruka and Michiru to perform a play as Romeo and Juliet. Michiru's happy to oblige, but Haruka's not. This doujinshi also has fanart of Haruka by Minami-san's friends.

Cover of "Returns!"
Romeo Haruka and Juliet Michiru
Back of "Returns!"