Takai Miki from T-Wave has really nice artwork, but I personally find it somewhat stiff. Also, Takai tends towards the extremely hentai in his doujinshi, but he's done some really nice doujinshi about the Sailor Moon musicals. It's also worth noting that Takai has a drawing of Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity in Takeuchi Naoko's Sailormoon Infinity doujinshi art album.

Need to Add: some Seramyu doujinshi.

Title: "City of Steel"
Artist: Takai Miki
Date of Publication: ??
Size and Length: B5; 47 pages
Circle: T-Wave
Comments: A hentai doujinshi with Haruka x Michiru x Usagi.

Description of Picture
Cover of "City of Steel"
Back of "City of Steel"

Title: "Kaioh Michiru"
Artist: Takai Miki
Date of Publication: 11/03/1998
Size and Length: B5; 32 pages
Circle: T-Wave
Comments: This book's the second in a series of doujinshi about each of the Sailor Senshi. It's for the fanboys. It features many really nice pictures of Michiru, although her chest's too large, in her various school uniforms, her senshi uniform, her princess dress, etc. There's also a hentai story with Michiru and the male reader.