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Vampire Princess Miyu is an anime and manga series created by Kakinouchi Narumi and Hirano Toshihiro, a married couple. There are several versions of the story. It began as a four-episode OVA series in the late 1980s. Hirano directed the series, and Kaikouchi designed the characters and directed the animation. A manga series, also created by Kakinouchi and Hirano, followed; the manga series was quite different from the OVA series but had a similar premise. The manga is 10 volumes long. Spin-off manga series, Vampire Princess Yui and Shin Vampire Princess Miyu, were also created and finished by Kakinouchi and Hirano. In 1997, a 26-episode anime TV series was released, with new twists on the story, once again directed by Hirano with character designs by Kakinouchi.

Miyu, the title character, is an eternally youthful vampire who looks physically about 13-years-old. She has gold eyes (brown when she pretends to be human), with long, dark brown hair that she wears in a side bun, tied and threaded with a red ribbon. She also wears a kimono and a red ribbon tied around her right foot. Miyu, as the last member of the Vampire Clan, is the first tier Guardian (or Watcher), whose duty it is to return stray Shinma - god-demons that prey on humans - to the dark. She has the power to call forth fire, which burns Shinma and sends them to the dark. Her only companion, friend, and protector is Larva, a Western Shinma who is bound to serve her. Together, they hunt stray Shinma across Japan.

In the OVA series and in the manga, Miyu is frequently very playful and childlike. She is possessive and impulsive. In the TV series, she is much more reserved and serious. But in all versions of Vampire Princess Miyu, she has a tragic history. She begins her life as a normal human girl, up until the point that she is awakened to her true vampiric nature. Her mother plays an important role in every version of the story, as the person human Miyu loves the most, and whom Miyu loses.

Miyu is a vampire and so requires the blood of humans in order to survive. She prefers beautiful victims, and often targets humans who have had tragedies in their lives, usually at the hands (claws, paws) of a stray Shinma. However, when she drinks the blood of a human, they do not die, but rather are given immortality and an eternal dream, a fantasy world, where their dearest wishes are fulfilled. Miyu is also impervious to folklore safeguards against vampires. She is often seen in broad daylight and has a reflection. Garlic, crosses, and holy water do not affect her.

Given her childlike and childish nature, as well as her strong relationship with her mother, Miyu has a soft spot for children. She will also let the occasionally innocent, harmless Shinma go, although Miyu's rival, Reiha, will often step in and freeze the Shinma. Although Miyu does not particularly care for humans, she tries not to harm them when possible (unlike Reiha, who simply doesn't care), and at times, she becomes attached to certain humans.

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