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Iris Lana Armelia is the main character of Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami (公爵令嬢の嗜み), a Japanese web novel series that became a light novel series and eventually a manga. The licensed English name of the series is Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter, but it has also been fan translated as Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter. The novels are written by Reia, with illustrations by Futaba Hazuki. The manga series is by Umemiya Suki. Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter is part of the isekai (different world) genre.

The light novel series has 8 volumes total, although only the first five are about Iris. The remaining three volumes are a prequel about Iris's parents. Currently, 6 volumes of the manga series have been published. Only the manga series has been licensed for English release and is published by Seven Seas Entertainment. English fan translations of the web novel can be found at NovelUpdates.com.

Iris is the daughter of the Duke of Armelia and the fiancee of the second prince of Tasmeria Kingdom. At the start of the story, her engagement has been called off by the second prince, and during this event, Iris suddenly remembers that she has been reincarnated into the world of an otome game. Iris is the villainess of the game, and she had harassed the heroine; as a result, her engagement has been dissolved and she is kicked out of school. Real Iris remembers that video-game Iris was then exiled to a convent at the game's end. However, due to her cleverness and quick thinking, real Iris impresses her father and is instead sent to Armelia to serve as the fiefdom's acting duke. Using her modern-day knowledge from her previous life, Iris enacts various reforms to improve the territory, such as double-entry book keeping, single-payer health insurance, and free public schooling.

Unlike many other otome game isekai series, Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter focuses mainly on the politics surrounding Tasmeria Kingdom. There is, of course, romance (Iris x Dean OTP), but the series is primarily about Iris improving her territory while navigating through political intrigue. Also, Iris avoids her bad end within the first few chapters of the story; everything that happens after that is beyond the scope of the original game, so Iris has no idea what will happen.


Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter and Iris are © Reia.
Character designs and novel illustrations are © Futaba Hazuki.
The manga adaptation is © Umemiya Suki.
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