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Leticia Elle Kreutzer is the main character of Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi (おこぼれ姫と円卓の騎士), translated as The Leftover Princess and the Knights of the Round, a Japanese fantasy light novel series by Ishida Rinne, with illustrations by Okiya Ichiko. A manga adaptation was created by Akatsuki Kaori.

The light novel series has 17 novels plus one special volume bundled with a drama CD. The manga series has three volumes total and adapted the first novel, third novel, and part of the fourth novel before the manga was canceled. Neither the light novel series nor the manga series have been licensed in English, but fan translations of the light novels can be found at Listening Stories and scanlations of the manga at

Leticia is the first-born princess of the kingdom of Solvelle. Due to the political infighting between Leti's two older brothers, their father the king decides to make Leticia the next queen to avoid a civil war. This gives Leti the despised nickname "the leftover princess," and Leti strives to prove to everyone that she is capable of being the future queen. One of Leti's requirements before coronation is - in addition to surviving non-stop assassination attempts by her brothers' factions - to appoint twelve knights to the Knights of the Round, the monarch's personal order. However, the majority of Solvelle's most talented knights already serve her brothers, and the man she wants as her First Knight is extremely stubborn in refusing to serve her. Additionally, Leti is the reincarnation of Solvelle's founding god-king Christian, which grants her magical powers and of course also makes her the target of supernatural forces.


Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi and Leticia are © Ishida Rinne.
Character designs and novel illustrations are © Okiya Ichiko.
The manga adaptation is © Akatsuki Kaori.