This is the approved The Anime Fanlistings Network fanlisting for Mokona, a character from the manga and anime series Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP. It is also the fanlisting for white Mokona from the CLAMP manga and anime series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Tsubasa Chronicle) and xxxHolic.

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Mokona is a cute creature who first appears in the manga and anime series Magic Knight Rayearth, which was created by CLAMP. Two other Mokonas, one white and one black (both named Mokona Modoki), later appear in CLAMP's crossover series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and its sister series xxxHolic. To learn more about the Mokonas, please click here, but please note that there are spoilers for Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura on the page.

Mokona is my favorite character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Magic Knight Rayearth. Although I'm not really a fan of MKR itself, I loved Mokona from the moment he appeared, terrorizing poor Presea. He's absolutely adorable, and my love for him only grew with TRC and xxxHolic. Although I love black Mokona a lot (the little dude just loves his sake), white Mokona is my favorite, easily surpassing all the other TRC characters in my affections. Mokona is uber cute, very sweet, endearing, silly, and mischievous, but also extremely loyal and surprisingly sharp. Mokona is what keeps me coming back to TRC, even when the series drags. Maybe Mokona is primarily comic relief, but he makes me laugh, and I don't see any problems with that <3

This fanlisting was opened in May 2006. The name Puu! comes from the sound that the original Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth makes (and which TRC Mokona also occasionally makes). The title was suggested by Mura because I am bad at names. The image to your left is a manga drawing of Mokona from MKR. The layout was designed in Paint Shop Pro 9, was handcoded in Editpad, and is W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. The members script is powered by Enthusiast. For credits on images used in the layout and on the buttons, please see the links and credits.


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