This is the Anime Fanlistings Network and the Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Pochama, a water-type penguin Pokemon from the Pokemon video games and anime series. Pochama is a starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Nintendo DS games. Additionally, in the Diamond & Pearl anime, it is Hikari's (Dawn's) first Pokemon. Pochama's English name is Piplup.

Pochama is #393 in the national index. In the video games, males are more common than females (87.5% to 12.5%). Their average height is 1'03" tall and their average weight is 11.5 lbs. Pochama evolve into Pottaishi, which can then evolve into Enperuto.

Besides being very cute, Pochama in the anime is extremely proud and initially hard to win over, much like Satoshi's Pikachu. Hikari refers to Pochama as her partner, and Pochama is the unofficial leader of Hikari's Pokemon. Pochama is quite impetuous and headstrong, it is easily angered or annoyed, and it often acts like it's on a perpetual sugar-high, but it is always determined to do its very best. Lately, Pochama has been seen walking around outside of its Pokeball, leading many fans to state that Pochama is the "next Pikachu." Hikari is training Pochama to compete in Pokemon Contests.

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Pochama Pochama in the anime Pochama