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What is Spy x Family?
Spy x Family is an on-going comedy-action manga series created by Tatsuya Endo and published bi-monthly on Shounen Jump Plus. The series takes place in Westalis, a fictionalized version of Cold War West Germany. Lloyd Folger, one of Westalis's best spies, is given his latest mission: acquire a daughter and wife within one week and get his daughter accepted into the country's most prestigious school.

Lloyd adopts an orphan named Anya, who, unknown to Lloyd, is an esper and can read minds. Lloyd also manages to fake-marry Yoru Briar, an assassin who also needs to marry in order to maintain her cover. Lloyd's and Yoru's true professions are unknown to each other, and neither knows that Anya is an esper. Anya knows that her parents are a spy and assassin, and she is adorably determined to help them however she can.




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