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In W Juliet, Amano Makoto is a high school student who wants to become an actor; however, as the only boy in a family of girls, his father wants him to inherit the family dojo. Makoto's father agreed to allow Makoto to become an actor if Makoto could carry off pretending to be a girl for the rest of high school (two years) without anyone learning of his secret. Makoto, disguised as a girl, transfers to Ito's school under the name Narita Makoto.

Miura Ito, the main character of the series, is a tomboy (frequently mistaken as a boy) from a family of boys, and her family also owns a dojo. Ito loves acting, and she is a member of her school's drama club, which is where she meets Makoto. The two connect immediately, but by accident, Ito discovers Makoto's secret. Ito decides to support Makoto and not tell anyone his true identity, and the two become even closer. Of course, however, there are obstacles thrown in the way of their romance. W Juliet is 14 volumes long.

W Juliet II takes place several years after the end of W Juliet. So far, most of the stories focus on the secondary characters from W Juliet. Ito and Makoto are now married and living together, but due to Makoto's rising popularity as a model and actor, they must keep their marriage a secret.

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