About Yulia

Yulia Nogah is the main character of Mochiron, Isharyouseikyuu Itashimasu! (勿論、慰謝料請求いたします!), fan translated as Of Course, I'll Claim Palimony!, a Japanese web novel series that became a light novel series and recently a manga series. The novels are written by Soy, with illustrations and character designs by m/g. The manga adaptation is by Mutou Tamura. Although the series is NOT isekai (different world), it borrows a lot of the tropes of isekai series based on otome games.

Yulia, the confident, eccentric daughter of a count, is obsessed with making money and business management, including running a clothing store and editing/publishing a popular book/manga series. At the start of the series, Yulia's long-time fiance declares that he is annulling their engagement to marry another woman named Julie. Yulia has no love for her idiotic fiance so doesn't care, but she realizes that Julie believes herself to be the heroine of the book/manga series and thinks that Yulia is the evil "villainess." To avoid being falsely blamed for harassing Julie and to support her future claim of palimony, Yulia decides to collect evidence of her fiance's and Julie's affair. While doing so, Yulia unwillingly befriends the crown prince Rudo, who gets dragged along into this mess.

The light novel series currently has 3 volumes, and the manga began serialization in late 2018. Neither the light novels nor the manga have been licensed in English. English fan translations of the web novel can be found at NovelUpdates.com, and translations of the manga are at Mangadex.org.


Mochiron, Isharyouseikyuu Itashimasu! and Yulia are © Soy.
Character designs and novel illustrations are © m/g.
The manga adaptation is © Mutou Tamura.
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